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Top 5 Amazing Benefits of IoT based Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Top 5 Amazing Benefits of IoT based Vehicle Tracking Solutions

IoT Vehicle Tracking Solution: With an annual purchase of more than 900,000 new vehicles, fleet associated businesses are taking a boom. And are adopting new technologies to enhance their fleet management practices. IoT is one such technology that has enabled the development of smart vehicle tracking solutions. These solutions incorporate cognitive and analytics capabilities that help fleet operators to manage their fleet.

Before the advent of IoT in fleet management. A fleet manager was completely dependent on mobile calls with truck drivers to manage shipment processes. And also, there was no means for him to monitor the location and route taken by the trucks and to confirm the safety & quality of the products being conveyed.

The disruptive technology of IoT has developed solutions that help fleet managers to remotely monitor parameters with the help of sensors embedded in the trucks and containers. Besides, these parameters can vary from the pressure of tires in trucks to the temperature in the trailers. Through gateways, these parameters transmit to cloud data storage. With the help of a web/mobile-based platform, a fleet manager can access this data from cloud storage to monitor its fleet.

5 Amazing Benefits of IoT based Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Here is a list of 5 benefits that IoT offer to a fleet manager:

#1)Vehicle maintenance

As per a study, by keeping the tires of a vehicle properly inflated. The fuel efficiency can be improved by 3 percent. And also, this may seem like a piece of futile statistics. But for a company managing a large fleet of more than 500 trucks, this small margin can save a fortune.

With the help of telematics capabilities of the Internet of Things. A fleet manager can remotely monitor the condition and performance of the fleet trucks. Sensors embedded on various components of the truck allow a fleet operator to remotely monitor tire pressure, brake oil, and engine performance. This allows him to make sure that the fuel efficiency of the trucks is as maximum as possible. And that the components of the trucks are collectively working in an optimum manner.

With the help of predictive analytics, fleet managers can also predict the breakdown of the component based on the historical performance of the trucks. And also, this helps them to schedule maintenance tasks in a manner that does not affect the timely delivery of the trucks.

#2)Driver Safety

Truck accidents are no joke. In the US alone, more than 500,000 trucking accidents occur every year. Moreover, truck accidents are more dangerous for people near the truck’s vicinity than the trucker himself. Also, the truck accident can bring several lawsuits for not only drivers but also for the fleet company.

Fleet supervisors are hence required to make sure that there are no accidents caused due to their fleet trucks. By using motion sensors on the truck’s body. A fleet operator can monitor the speed, acceleration, and braking habits of the drivers. They can hence estimate if the driver is following proper safety protocols and standards while transporting the products from one point to another.

As more than 94% of truck accidents are caused due to driver-related factors. Such as impaired driving, illegal maneuvers, or over-speeding, monitoring driving habits of the truckers is important for the fleet manager. And also with the data gathered from the motion sensors of the trucks, a fleet manager can make sure that the truckers are following safe driving practices.

#3)Fleet Routing

Identifying the quickest route for goods transportation is the most primary benefit that an IoT vehicle tracking solution presents. A short and quick path can be a hairline difference in timely or delayed cargo delivery. Fleet managers have a huge responsibility to make sure that all the products are delivered to consumers before the deadline.

Vehicle tracking solutions enable fleet managers to monitor traffic conditions on roads. By combining the data related to traffic congestion with other factors like road conditions and weather forecasts. A fleet manager can help their trucks to avoid routes that can delay the delivery of cargo.

#4)Asset Tracking

It is important for a fleet manager to make sure that the products being delivered are safe and meets the expectations of the consumer. Especially for the food industry, where the items being shipped are highly sensitive to the environmental conditions, fleet managers are required to be extra careful.

Hence they use environment controllable trailers to make sure that the products being shipped are safe from temperature and humidity change. By using temperature and humidity sensors, a fleet operator can keep a track of environmental parameters in a container to make sure that the environmental conditions in it are apt for the products being shipped.

#5)Fuel Management

Fuel efficiency is important to be maintained in the trucks. As it directly correlates to the money that the fleet company will be investing in keeping the tanks filled. Sensors fitted in the fuel tank measure the amount of fuel and the rate with which it is being consumed by the engine.

By looking at the reading obtained from these sensors. A fleet manager can make sure that the fuel is being consumed optimally by the trucks. And there is no unnecessary idling of the trucks. And also, they can use these sensors to make sure that there is no fuel wastage or theft from the fuel tank of the trucks.

On a Concluding Note:

IoT Vehicle tracking solutions have brought a revolution in the field of fleet management. By using the technology of IoT and its capabilities in terms of analytics and cognition. A fleet manager can optimize several tasks of his fleet. Also, With the enhancement in the field of disruptive technologies the fleet management practices are sure to evolve and change the way supervisors manage their fleet trucks.

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