It’s crucial to hold pre-search discussions with your hiring team before you even begin looking for a candidate to fill your available position. Clarifying what you need, what qualities you’re seeking, and how to draw in the proper individuals can all be greatly improved by doing this. The hiring process can go more smoothly and effectively if you know what your colleagues are thinking up front, which will ultimately save you time.

That said, below are 4 things you need to consider before you post a job opening.

Identify a practical sourcing strategy

When you have a job description, it’s time to develop a sourcing strategy. Posting the position on LinkedIn is one of the most popular ways to achieve that; but, there are a number of free things you can do to increase the visibility of that post. However, as a small business owner, the issue with just advertising a job on a job board is that it frequently requires you to sift through numerous applicants to discover the handful who actually deserve an interview. Furthermore, by relying entirely on applicants that submit an application via a job board, you are drastically restricting your talent pool because just 30% of the workforce is actively seeking new employment.

To find passive talent, or those who aren’t looking for a job, another sourcing technique is to use LinkedIn and referrals. In order to receive references, make sure to share your job description with your network and ask them if they know anyone who would match, as these are frequently the finest sources for hiring.

You may also conduct a search on LinkedIn to find local talent that would be a good fit for your company and send them an InMail. By doing this, you can be certain that you are not wasting your time on the unknown talent pool that a job board offers, but rather are spending it with people you find very appealing.

Determine the job’s salary range

Any small business always has limited resources. However, if you pay below-market rates, your talent pool will be constrained. And finding a fantastic individual ought to be your top concern. However, there are two things to keep in mind. First, Adler contends that finding a candidate isn’t always about money. Instead, he thinks that appealing to someone’s inner motivations—basically, what they want to do in their career—is the secret to luring top talent.

Career advancement is the primary driver of job changes, according to data conducted by LinkedIn. Usually, individuals seek careers that will advance them. At a small business, this is frequently the case because employees pick up a variety of useful new skills, and there are lots of opportunities if the organization can expand.

Define the job

You undoubtedly have a pressing need that you need them to take care of if you are recruiting someone for your small business. It is advisable to go further with three incisive questions that will help you pinpoint the precise candidate you need.

  • Which traits, abilities, or competencies are most crucial for success in this position?
  • What are the two or three key tasks that, in your opinion, would constitute success in the position over the course of a year?
  • What are the one or two subtasks for each major target that the top workers do differently to guarantee the primary objective is achieved?

By answering those questions, you should be able to focus on the precise mentality and set of talents you need in your new hire.

Create an engaging job description that will draw in top candidates

The next step is to create a job description that will help you find the best candidates. Usually, most job descriptions are quite uninspiring and do little to encourage applicants. As a result, if you write one well, it will truly stick out and provide you with a significant advantage. While these are some tips for creating a job description that stands out, the main lesson to be learned is to stay away from the corporate jargon and long list of requirements you find in most job descriptions. Create a job description instead that accurately captures both the company culture and your own objectives.

Finding the ideal candidate for every position is a difficult task that requires a significant amount of work even before you post the vacancy, as you are aware as the recruiting manager. If you are looking for the best places to post jobs then the above tips are going to help you make the best decision.