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Global Impact of Advanced Battery Concepts.

Global Impact of Advanced Battery Concepts.

when the Tesla Renewable Home energy storage Powerwall is a battery detecting outage, storing energy, and invariably sourcing your home energy electricity goes off.  Without any noise, fuel or upkeep, the Powerwall helps in keeping your lights on.

Nuveen is the investment manager of TIAA (TEACHERS INSURANCE AND ANNUITY ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA) who offers a comprehensive and extensive range of results. It focuses on the investment solutions that are mainly designed to secure the monetary motives and goals of institutions of investors.

Greenseal technology has brought Advanced Battery Concepts as a rivalry to Tesla’s Powerwall. Nuveen has made a global investment of $ 1 Billion in the Advanced Battery Concepts that has caused a global impact in the entire industry. The reason for such a considerable investment was they wanted to address climate-changing issues and contribute to a healthy environment.

What are Advanced Battery Concepts?

Advanced Battery Concepts has come up with the bipolar and lead-acid battery. It has wholly acquired a viable and commercial manufacturing process. Bipolar battery concept construction is a step taken towards designing and manufacturing a battery.

Some of the noteworthy features of ABC are:

  • Long-Lasting
  • Fast Charging
  • Cost-Effective.
  • Lighter than the lead and the traditional batteries.

Benefits of Advanced Battery Concepts.

Let us see what the primary benefits of adopting battery concepts instead of traditional batteries are.


GreenSeal is increasing the life cycle to nearly 300% more than the traditional lead batteries. This feature of the battery concepts is proving to be helpful and profitable for the consumers and customers.

Quick Charging Capacity:

GreenSeal [battery concepts] have a fast machine. It helps in boosting the charging capacity to 50 times more than the traditional ones. It is not 100% faster, but the average power is more.

Lighter in weight:

Usually, traditional lead batteries are heavy. They have top-level lead connections and heavy metal grids. In advanced [battery concepts], the two critical factors for heavyweight are eliminated. Elimination of metal grids and top-level lead connection makes them lighter in weight.

For example, in-car, advanced [battery concepts] can reduce around 30 gallons of gasoline per year to all the customers and drivers.

High Power Capacity:

Advanced [battery concepts] have no limitations in a grid structure and the complex top lead. This limitation reduces the power capacity of batteries. So, for customers, benefits of battery concepts have eliminated these factors.

Recycle is possible:

Advanced [battery concepts] are 100% recyclable, and thus, they can go into the entire recycling process procedure.


Advanced [Battery concepts] in the current situation are working with the existing lead-acid battery producers and engineers. Engaging license is bringing the technology to the market and on the on-going production of the [battery concepts]. A complete Research and Engineering Development Centre is working on this concept to make it even better.

ABC(Advanced Battery Concept) is very thankful and happy to support the famous global investors Nuveen. Their experts advise, and network building will be beneficial to the entire team in their upcoming adventures.

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