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How to avoid trash betting websites & apps
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How to avoid trash betting websites & apps

Sports betting is becoming increasingly popular every day, so it is no surprise that a huge number of scammers aim to make money on gambling bet lovers.

Of course, when you are overwhelmed with emotions from the victory of your favorite cricket team or any other sports team, it isn’t easy to control yourself. You want to bet on the result quickly, but money can often go to scammers. Alas… To prevent this, carefully monitor which portal you are cooperating with.

The main signs of trash sites are easily distinguished, even at first glance. There are scammers in front of you if …

A site works with a dubious payment system

A site that works with an unknown payment system is probably a trash portal. Sites that cooperate with a Free-Kassa company have been repeatedly convicted of fraud.

Reliable companies, such as Ekbet betting service, work with top payment systems – from Mastercard and Visa to Bitcoin. Usually, this is a fairly large number of services of various formats – from classic cards to cryptocurrency wallets.

A website demands additional payments

Reliable betting companies will never require extra commissions, justifying them, for example, with taxes or something else. Market leaders always openly declare that there are no additional payments and warn that the commission can only be from a bank or an electronic wallet. This allows a player to calculate a sum correctly.

A site asks to deposit money to a specific wallet or card

A real licensed betting company makes money only inside its website. Dozens of programmers create a convenient platform or Ekbet application, where you can deposit money in the admin panel. The company does not, under any circumstances, transfer your banking data to third parties. You can be sure it is protected.

You are being lured to a website

Large companies do not need such cheap advertising as mailing from bots. Instead, they have enough budgets to order advertising platforms on reputable and reliable resources. Their representatives certainly do not spam on social networks and do not try to attract players in such a cheap way.

A license is not available on a website

Verified companies have a whole section devoted to this information, which indicates a license, its format, the name of the country that issued it, and much other important information. Trash services do not publish this, as they have nothing to do with legality.

How to be safe?

  1. Carefully check the availability of a license and its number on a website and see if the country is correct.
  2. Do not transfer money to personal/third-party wallets and cards; make a deposit only within the platform itself.
  3. Try to cooperate only with the most famous companies. There are usually dozens of publications on news and thematic services about top companies, such as Betway, Parimatch, and others. All information can be found and checked easily and quickly.
  4. Never open dubious links on Instagram or Facebook private messages from people who do not even follow you.

Just take a few simple actions and pay a little of your attention – and you can be sure you will not be deceived. And after that, the time will come to let go of all doubts and worries, and get involved in the broadcast of the competition as much as possible to get unforgettable pleasure and wins!

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