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Blog Post – Everything You Should Know About It
Technology – Everything You Should Know About It Journey –  Personalized Content and Web Search by AT&T. Let us give you a brief about AT&T.

AT&T  – The American Telephone and Telegraph Corporation (AT & T), is a telephone and telegraph corporation, founded in the United States on March 3, 1885. The antecedents of this company are given from the company Bell Telephone Company that after several agreements and sales of shares, for example, the alliance with the company Western Electric, made by Alexander Graham Bell, Gardiner G. Hubbard, and Thomas Sanders, change the name to the one currently known.

AT&T is in phone services such as 3G, 4G, and 5G. It is also into Internet services and Wireless Services.

The primary purpose of AT&T was to manage the long-distance telephone network of the country. The company started work in New York, then extended its influence to Chicago in 1892, and to San Francisco in 1915.

By 1894, the company suffered a setback, because the patent on the telephone, which was previously in Bell’s possession, expired; the company had to try to acquire it using lawsuits and price cuts.

Years later and  purchase American Bell’s resources, which permitted it to create telephone domination in the USA because Bell had granted licenses to other companies to produce telephone equipment. In the 20th century, the company entered a period of decline, which caused many of its shareholders to withdraw for fear of collapse.

Given this situation, the company had almost to start over; the important thing was that Theodore Vail, president of, proposed the creation of a formal monopoly as a solution, which is the most appropriate and efficient for him. His proposal fell into the national government and was accepted and finalized in 1913 through the so-called Kingsbury Commitment. Expansion

Subsequently, took control of 22 Bell Operating Companies. Which operated as providers of local telephone service to a large part of the country. Another of the company’s great achievements in this period was in the world of cinema. When they synchronized sounds with images. An example of which was the premiere of Don Juan, the first full-length film with a sound that included music and audio effects simultaneously.

On January 8, 1982, an antitrust complaint was resolved by the US Department of Justice toward AT & T. Under this agreement, had to separate from its local operating services companies. In return, AT & T was allowed to enter the computer business. Finally, local AT & T services were separated into seven Bell Regional Operating Companies, independent of each other, known as Baby Bells.

This event was a big blow for because it reduced its value by 70% and lost several customers in subsequent years due to competition from MCI and Sprint. A year later, the company orders Saul Bass to create the famous corporate logo (Globe AT & T).

The company tried to generate profits in the areas of UNIX networks and personal computers by merging with NCR Corporation. But, did not obtain the expected results. Therefore, in 1996, NCR separated from AT&T due to a new telecommunications law instituted in the United States.

At the same time, equipment manufacturing services and Bell Laboratories became Lucent Technologies, a new independent company. Assets

The company set itself the task of buying a significant amount of assets within the cable television market. After achieving the acquisition of TCI and Media One, AT & T became the number one provider of cable television in the United States.

But over time, these investments represented large debts that were exacerbated by the reduction of long-distance costs and the weakness of the telecommunications services market.

SBC Communications bought AT & T in 2005, adopting the name AT & T Inc. The new company bought BellSouth the following year, after which the BellSouth and Cingular brands left the market. In 2008, due to the impact of mobile telephony, the company decided to remove public telephones from the streets.

Years later, he chose to negotiate with T-Mobile, but due to some government regulations, the merger could not be carried out. After several failed objectives, the company bought DirecTV for the sum of 48500 million dollars. And has become the new owner of its operations in the United States and Latin America.

AT&T Acquisitions

Meanwhile, Mexico announced the purchase of the third-largest Mexican mobile phone operator Iusacell by AT & T, for an amount of 2,500 million dollars. With this AT & T managed to cover the entire Mexican territory, and secure large profits.

With the good results in the Mexican market, the company acquired the purchase of Nextel Mexico. After the negotiation was approved by the country’s telecommunications regulatory body, IFETEL.

From then on, the company began to acquire small companies to regain its power worldwide. For example, on October 22, 2016, they acquired Time Warner in the operation of more than 80 billion dollars.

Then, they began to undertake strategies such as the AT & T GoPhone is a prepaid service that allows the user through their mobile device to pay the monthly invoice through prepaid cards, avoiding the user to invest their time making transactions physically.

The contributions that AT & T have made to technology have been incalculable. In this sense, this company represents the impulse and the antecedent of the techniques that we can enjoy today. The company created the coaxial band cable to have long-distance and high capacity circuits, also made way for television.


They were also responsible for the operating system of UNIX computers. Thanks to this company today, we can keep in communication with the creation of automatic data switching for mobile communications.

To conclude, has a valuable history of developing key technologies; they were made possible thanks to the innovative and unattainable spirit of all the members of this multinational.

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