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7 Essential iPhone Accessories for Vloggers

7 Essential iPhone Accessories for Vloggers

7 Essential iPhone Accessories for Vloggers

You can start vlogging with just your iPhone! While this statement is technically true, a vlogger working with base hardware alone will not get very far in the highly competitive vlogging landscape. The standards for online content have been raised considerably since the early days of YouTube: Audiences demand high-fidelity videos with immaculate production values. You must also incorporate a creative flourish to stand out from the sea of other creators vying for views on your platform of choice.

You will need more than just an iPhone 14 Pro Max case to get the job done. Revamping your lighting setup, improving your video editing skills and enhancing audio are just some of the upgrades to consider when appealing to social media sensibilities. If you are unsure where to begin, we have compiled this list of essential iPhone accessories to help get your vlog off to the right start.

1. A Durable Phone Case

Your iPhone is the heart of your vlogging operation, so protecting it is a top priority. The most effective defense is a durable phone case, which offers full protection from the elements while providing the potential for some custom flair. You can customize phone cases with pictures by simply slipping a photo into a clear iPhone case. This adds a sentimental touch that goes beyond what the standard market designs can offer.

A Durable Phone Case

2. LED Panel or Ring Light

Another key upgrade comes in the form of lighting. Controlling the illumination where you shoot will improve both your appearance and the look of everything else in the frame. A simple LED panel is suitable for flooding a room with even lighting. For more close-up work, a ring light enhances your appearance when you’re in front of the camera because it evenly lights your face from various angles. Most come with features to vary the light’s color, tone and strength. Both options improve the scene when filming at night or in otherwise dimly-lit locations.

3. A Tripod, Gimbal, or Both

Stabilizing the iPhone camera is key to taking your shots up a notch. The most common way of stabilizing your camera is with a tripod, which remains a solid approach in most scenarios. However, we would be remiss if we did not include gimbals in the discussion. These stabilization accessories are portable enough to fit comfortably in a backpack or bag. When filming a vlog while walking, stabilizing the camera could prove tricky without a gimbal. Consider acquiring both pieces of equipment to significantly improve your versatility when filming.

4. A Lens Attachment

A Lens Attachment

The iPhone’s camera is incredibly potent in its own right when it comes to raw numbers. However, getting the perfect angle that shows off your background could prove tricky with the default lens. To fix this, order a special lens attachment that provides functionality for wide angles. If you want to really go pro, you can go for an anamorphic lens that allows further customization for your shots. Give your viewers a satisfying glimpse into your life by capturing the whole room you are filming in.

5. An External Microphone

Your audio quality is just as important as the camera lens. Arguably more so, as many in your audience may perform other tasks while your vlog plays in the background. An external mic that clips to your iPhone can effectively bring your audio up to professional levels. You can up the ante further with directional microphones that isolate the person’s voice directly in front of the camera. To save yourself some hassle, go for a small and discreet mic attachment. You want a portable unit that will not grow cumbersome when carried throughout the day.

An External Microphone

6. A Storage Solution

You will need some way to hold all your gear when filming outside of your home studio. Any duffle bag or container will do, though a specialized backpack is the most suitable option. While most regular backpacks suffice, a specialized videographer backpack with custom compartments for your various tools will make travel infinitely more convenient. The custom compartments will protect your gear as you travel around. Camera equipment is highly sensitive, so the last thing you want is for your items to bang against each other and get damaged.

7. Software for Video Editing

Whether you make a blooper or someone inadvertently walks into your shot, there comes a point in every shoot where erroneous footage needs to be edited out of the final vlog. Cutting out this extra footage is simple with video editing software. There are free apps with enough features to get you started, and premium licenses are always available with added features. You can save a great deal of time by simply editing out small errors and keeping the rest of an otherwise successful shot. Plus, your audience will appreciate the added effort when you step into the editing booth before uploading.

Combine It All for the Best Chance at Success

Each of the above pieces of equipment will dramatically bolster your ability to create content for your vlog. In case you are wondering, Android vloggers can take advantage of the same set of tools. Just be sure to pick up an Android phone case that is compatible with your device. Acquiring every item on this list is well worth the investment and effort, no matter which phone you are rocking. Using all these essential tools daily will give you a fighting chance when forging your path as a vlogging star.

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