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5 Smart Gadgets to Make Your Home Smarter

5 Smart Gadgets to Make Your Home Smarter

smart gadgets to make your home smarter

In this time of the world where everything is getting advanced and modernized , why should your home your own living space be out of date and boring ? Make your home smart and convenient to act upon your wish easily with all the smart gadgets available in the market , get your hands on the hottest picks from the gadgets out in the market and make your home smarter, convenient and more comfortable

Robot Vacuum

If you are still roaming around your house with the same old vacuum cleaner, pinching through each corner. Well, we got good news for you, the Robot vacuum. It can sweep the floor, vacuum it and even mop simultaneously so that it’s able to clean and take away any pet hair, dirt, crumbs, and stains from your floor or carpet, bringing you a neat home.


Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Electric Food Chopper

Are you still cutting your vegetables and fruits with a knife in 2022, using up all your time with a risk of cutting your fingers if you ever try to hurry . We got for you the ELECTRIC FOOD CHOPPER The mini food chopper is an ideal food chopper for garlic, onion, garlic, prawn, baby food and etc and also Portable and easy to carry

Electric Food Chopper

Portable AC Fan And Heater

Summer is just around the corner and we’ve got the best gift for you , a Portable Air Cooler Fan perfect for indoor and outdoor use whilst saving electricity and space .This personal space air cooler effectively cools the air around you, wherever and whenever you need it most, while using the size and power consumption of a small fan. It’s not just safe to use but energy efficient.

Also we got the portable heater if you live somewhere where it’s Extremely cold throughout the year

Portable Air Cooler

EyeMask Bluetooth Headphones

Are you one of those people who love peaceful instrumental music or ambient music before taking a long night sleep? Well, we got you covered. The Eye-mask Bluetooth headphones, as the name shows is a blindfold with integrated speakers.

You can easily connect it with a phone and enjoy music with its soft fabric and cushioning around the ears.

Eyemask Bluetooth Headphones

Wifi Range Extender

Do you ever get frustrated when you can’t enjoy your favourite Netflix show in the cosy corner of your home because of buffering? Not anymore, Mi wifi range extender is the best in the market right now with its 5 GHz and up to 1200 Mbps transfer rate.

You can place it anywhere in the room

WiFi Range Extender

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