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xFyro ANC Pro: Making Earbuds Smarter With AI

xFyro ANC Pro: Making Earbuds Smarter With AI

There are many reasons why you need professional-grade earbuds or headphones to deliver top-notch sound. You might be a music connoisseur enjoying some tunes in your spare time or on the way to the office or school. Perhaps you’re a gym-goer or a sports enthusiast who can’t imagine exercising without motivating music. Maybe you’re an aspiring ASMR artist looking for the best on the market.

Regardless of why you need the finest sound quality, picking earbuds or headphones isn’t easy. New developments in the industry have led to a record-breaking number of innovations. One of the newest trends is using AI-based machine learning to deliver smarter noise cancelation to users. For example, the xFyro ANC Pro earbuds are the hallmarks of this groundbreaking feature.


Putting AI in everything these days might seem superfluous, but the results can be worth the effort. The AI inside the ANC Pro earbuds detects incoming sounds and separates them into two categories in real-time, critical and non-critical. Noises considered background chatter or ‘non-urgent’ will get blocked by the active noise suppression system.

xFyro ANC Pro

However, if the earbuds detect any ‘critical’ noises they’ll pass the sound through to the wearer and lower the music volume accordingly. Critical noises include ambulance or emergency vehicle sirens, oncoming traffic, or immediate danger alerts, but can also be conversation directed to the wearer. The device has a library with over 6,000 recorded noise patterns preloaded that the AI uses to detect incoming sounds and sort them out efficiently.

xFyro ANC Pro

By using AI, the user can feel safe while roaming the streets, exercising, or spending idle time on the bus. Workers and commuters can also engage in conversation with their peers while enjoying their favorite music at a lower volume.

While the AI seems powerful and all-around useful during your daily work and commute, some users might not need all the benefits it brings to the table. If you want to live your music-filled life while still enjoying the ambiance, the AI can be turned off in the ‘transparence mode.’ This can be useful when you want to conserve battery life or are on the lookout for any strange noises in your environment.

xFyro ANC Pro

The xFyro ANC Pro earbuds aren’t just about the newest AI utilization. The designers have put every effort into ensuring the product appeals to a wide audience by paying close attention to build quality and convenience.

The earbuds have a graphene speaker driver to deliver better sound quality. Graphene doesn’t degrade over time from vibrations, making it a perfect sound conduit. Plus, its lightness and sheer durability improve the earbuds’ weather resistance.

xFyro ANC Pro

One of the standout features of the ANC Pros is the greatly expanded battery life. The onboard batteries can hold enough power to run the earbuds for up to 10 hours at a time. The compact charging case (that doubles as a microphone) has an additional battery for another 90 hours of use and fully charges the earbuds in about 15 minutes. With so much energy available and minimal charging times, the ANC Pros have negligible downtimes. Users just might run out of music to listen to before the battery peters out.

xFyro ANC Pro

xFyro has been one of the brands to watch as an innovator in the earbud design field, and they remain at the forefront of innovations. If you want to find out more about their product range, visit


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