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Window Graphics Explained: What They Are and How They Can Help Your Business Grow

Window Graphics Explained: What They Are and How They Can Help Your Business Grow

Windows are everywhere in shops, offices, cars, and even at home. Unfortunately, most people don’t utilize them to their maximum. Are you using your windows just as blank, clear spaces, or are you using them to fuel your business? If your windows are blank and clear, you should consider installing window graphics on them.

Window graphics are printable vinyl adhesives that you print with the information you want to pass across then attach them to your windows.

How can window graphics benefit your business?

There are plenty of ways the decals can be of value to your business. These ways include:

Increase your brand awareness

This is simply getting the word out about your business so people can know about you. All you need to do is print the vinyl stickers with your business name, logo, slogan, core values, and the products or services you provide and install them on your business windows.

Obviously, if you are on a busy street, many people are passing by every day. The more these people see the window graphic bearing your business details, the more they internalize your brand, so the next time they need the product or service you provide, your business with be at the top of their mind.

You might have the impression that brand awareness is important only if you are a profit-making business, but this isn’t the case. You can build brand awareness regardless of the nature of your organization. So whether you are a non-profit or religious organization, you can use the window decals to raise awareness.

The only thing you need to do is to create a catchy window graphic that will get the attention of the people passing by your offices.

Save money on marketing.

If you have been marketing your business, you know that it isn’t cheap. And it doesn’t matter whether you are doing physical or online marketing.

To do marketing, you have to create an Ad that is often done by an agency (and you have to pay for it). After making the Ad, you then buy space to show the Ad.

If going for the physical way of printing the Ad on benches, billboards, or at bus stops, you have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars every week to keep the Ad there. Sometimes you even have to secure a city permit before having your Ad up.

The same thing applies to radio, TV, and even online platforms—you have to pay to keep your Ad running.

When you use window graphics, you don’t pay for space for your Ad as you own the business premises. The only cost you incur is that for producing the Ad, then you are set to go.

You improve the ambiance of your property.

Window graphics aren’t only effective advertising tools, but you can also create fantastic works of art from them hence improving the ambiance of your property. This is more valuable if you are doing an aesthetic-conscious business such as hair and makeup or interior design.

If you have a hair salon, you can have a model with a hairstyle to die for on your window. As you can guess, this decorates your business premises and creates intrigue that attracts people to your salon.

The same thing applies if you have an interior design business. You can have a gorgeous photo of an elegantly set-up house on your windows.

Cause intrigue

When you have the window graphics up, you obscure the view inside your business, which causes people to be curious about what is going on inside.

You should note that not all graphics will arouse curiosity—for that to happen, the graphic has to be unique and attention grabbing.

To raise even more intrigue, don’t give all the information about the product, service, or promotion you are running—give just enough information that will leave the people with questions hence more curious to know more.

For best results, include a call to action asking the people to seek more information. For example, if you have a fashion store, you can have a call to action, such as, “Step inside and see what a perfect pair of dress feels like.”

The graphics create privacy.

Obviously, when you cover your windows with graphics, people from the outside can’t see what is going on inside. This helps the employees feel relaxed as not every Tom, Dick, and Harry from across the street can see them. Also, your clients feel at home.

Almost every business benefits from the privacy that comes with the window graphics, but the businesses that benefit the most are: gyms, restaurants, swimming pools, bars, libraries, and massage bars.

If privacy is crucial for your business to thrive, you should use the right window graphics. Some of the best graphics to use are frosted window graphics or crystal films. These allow enough light into the office and, at the same, create the comforting veil of privacy.

You can also use perforated films that block visibility from the outside while allowing complete visibility from the inside.

Does it matter what type of window graphic you use?

Yes, it matters, as all window graphics aren’t created equal.

There are plenty of window graphics to choose from, depending on your objectives. The most popular types being:

Vinyl window graphics: You can have any information on these decals, and you can design them in any size and shape you want. You can also use them on various surfaces, such as glass, concrete, and asphalt. The best application of the decals is when you are looking to allow natural light without blocking visibility.

See-through window graphics: From their name, these are transparent window decals that allow curious onlookers to see what is on the inside. This feature makes the decals ideal candidates for people looking to attract people to their stores and, at the same time, show off their products from the window.

Full window decals: You cover the entire window with an attractive window graphic, turning your window into a giant decoration or advertisement. These decals are ideal when you are looking to attract attention and improve brand awareness.

Perforated window graphics: As mentioned above, these decals are perfect when you have a gym, restaurant, swimming pool, or any other business requiring some level of privacy. For the privacy feature, the decals provide one-way visibility where only the people inside can see the outside.

Partial window graphics: These are the most popular types of window graphics, as they occupy a part of the window. The decals are best suited for businesses looking to provide valuable information such as new business hours, new products in the store, and so on.

Frosted window graphics: These decals are unique in that your design is printed on a frosted finish. The film can be opaque or perforated. It can also be partially or fully frosted.

How can you get the most from window decals?

The key to milking the most from the window graphics is to observe the best window graphic practices. These practices include:

Have the decals professionally designed

Everything begins here. When you need a high-quality window decal, visit a reputable company such as and have your decals professionally designed, depending on your brand. The professionals working in these companies know the right size of decal that is right for your business, the right colors to use, the appropriate background, among many other things.

When giving the business details to the design company, ensure the information you give is clear and consistent with your brand. The message should give the customers information about what they will find inside, but it shouldn’t be too revealing that they have no reason to be curious anymore.

As mentioned above, the information should have some level of curiosity. Hence, the customers have a reason to step their feet in your business or visit your website to learn more about your products or services.

Properly install the graphics.

Having professional-looking graphics isn’t enough—you have to professionally install the graphics to achieve your desired outcome. The first thing you should do is to ensure you are using the right installation tools. Some of the tools you need for the work are cutting tools, low friction squeegee, spray bottle, and fiber-free cloth.

Ensure you have these tools at your disposal and know how to use them properly. You can always hire an experienced professional to help with the installation, but if you don’t have a budget for that, the decals aren’t that hard to install, so with a little determination, you can do it.

For the vinyl stickers to stick, you have to ensure the glass surface you place them on is clean. The best product to clean the glass is soapy water.

If you want to use a commercial solution, ensure the solution doesn’t contain ammonia.

When it comes to cleaning the windows, do it thoroughly up to the corners and close to the pane edges.

When you are handling the graphics, do so with care to avoid having your fingerprints all over or wrinkle, or even worse, tear the decals in the process. To avoid leaving fingerprints behind, wear a pair of soft gloves.

Be cautious about the type of film you use. If you are inexperienced, use a thick film. While it will be a little expensive, it won’t wrinkle, and you can get away with a few mistakes without tearing it.

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