Multistreaming is a popular way for streamers to reach larger audiences and build a broad, engaging experience with viewers. However, it can be challenging to keep track of the conversations that are happening with each individual stream. Chat overlay helps the streamer to keep track of all conversations, no matter which streams the viewer is watching. For a hassle-free multi-streaming experience, chat overlay is a great way. It allows the streamer to have one unified view of all conversations taking place on each stream.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the basics of chat overlay and why chat overlay is important for multi-steamers. Let’s get started!

What is Multi-Chat Overlay?

Suppose you simultaneously stream a video on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch. You will have multiple conversations happening on each platform. But you may be busy with your live streaming and have no time to keep track of these conversations. This is where a multi-chat overlay comes into play.

The multi-chat overlay is an overlay that shows all the conversations happening in each streaming platform. Generally, you use multistreaming software to stream on multiple platforms will have an inbuilt chat overlay feature. If you use Castr for multistreaming, you can easily enable the chatbox overlay feature. Once enabled, all conversations on any platform will be featured in the same window with the logo of the streaming platforms.

Importance of Multi-Chat Overlay

Having a multi-chat overlay is important for streamers who are multistreaming. It helps the streamer to keep track of all conversations happening on multiple streams. With a multi-chat overlay, you can:

  1. Unify Conversation Across Multiple Platforms: With a single view of all conversations happening on different platforms, streamers can ensure no one is left out and provide equal attention to viewers regardless of which streaming platform they use.
  2. Increase Engagement with Viewers: With a multi-chat overlay, streamers can engage with viewers more quickly and respond to their queries without switching between different platforms. It allows streamers to have real-time conversations with viewers and create an engaging atmosphere.
  3. Attract More Viewers: Multi Chat overlay also helps in attracting more viewers as they would not feel neglected or left out if the streamer is multistreaming on multiple platforms at once. When a streamer reverts to viewers’ queries quickly, they feel more connected and will be encouraged to join the live stream.
  4. Enhance Viewing Experience: Multi-chat overlay enhances viewers’ experience as they can easily follow conversations on different platforms. So wherever they are watching, they won’t miss out on the conversations.
  5. Gather Insights from Viewers: By utilizing the multi-chat overlay, streamers can get real-time insights from viewers. This helps in understanding the needs and interests of their audience so that content can be improved accordingly.
  6. Monitor Conversation: Multi-chat overlay also helps streamers to monitor conversations happening on multiple platforms. This is important to ensure that no one is breaking any rules set by the streaming platform and to keep the chat clean and friendly.
  7. Enjoy Hassle-free Multistreaming: Multi-chat overlay helps streamers to enjoy hassle-free multistreaming as they can keep track of conversations happening on each platform without switching between different platforms. If you switch to a different platform to check the chats, you will lose focus on your mainstream.
  8. Increase Reach and Engagement: Multi chat overlay helps streamers to reach a wider audience and increase engagement with their viewers. As conversations in multiple platforms are unified, it gives better visibility to the streamer’s content and helps them gain more followers.

 How to Use Chat Overlay When Multistreaming with Castr

In the video streaming industry, Castr is an advanced and reliable live streaming solution that allows streamers to broadcast their live streams on multiple platforms simultaneously. The inbuilt chat overlay feature of Castr allows streamers to unify conversations happening on different streaming platforms.

Follow the steps below to enable chat overlay when multistreaming with Castr:

1. Log into the Castr platform and go to the ‘Livestreams’ tab and click on the ‘Create New’ button

 How to Use Chat Overlay When Multistreaming with Castr

2. Click on ‘Multistream’ to stream Multiple sites.

3. Setup your multistream name and hosting region

4. Add streaming platforms

How to Use Chat Overlay When Multistreaming with Castr 1

5. Enable Chat overlay feature

Enable Chat overlay feature

6. Open Chat App to see the comments

Open Chat App to see the comments


With the advancement of technology, multistreaming has become popular amongst streamers. Chat overlay is a powerful and helpful feature to unify conversations on different streaming platforms. It helps increase engagement with viewers and allows streamers to monitor chat rooms while live streaming. Castr provides an easy-to-use platform for streamers to enable chat overlay when multistreaming.

By implementing a Multi-chat overlay, streamers can make their live streaming experience more engaging and enjoyable for everyone involved.