Tribal Loan – When you’re desperate for financial assistance to pay significant house bills or tackle an emergency, we often resort to easy yet dangerous ways of securing financial help.

One is by securing tribal loans, which charge ridiculous fees; if that’s not enough, their lenders often disregard state laws. This post will guide you on what tribal loans are and how they work.  So without wasting time, let’s jump straight into it.

What Is A Tribal Payday Loan?

Payday loans are quick loans issued by online platform lenders who expect you to repay the loan on your upcoming paycheck.  And unlike traditional lending institutions, they don’t have a lot of formalities and don’t conduct an extensive credit check on their users.

Tribal loans, on the other hand, are pretty similar to payday loans online same day but theirs a slight difference in how they run their affairs.  The distinctive difference comes from their lenders, who want people to believe that they conduct their affairs away from Native American regions, even though most of their activities are online.

Even though the difference is quite slim, it still makes tribal loans a more risky bet than the original payday loans.  The worst part is that tribal lenders have, over the years, insisted that they aren’t governed by federal laws or state jurisdiction, which is merely them trying to avoid consumer protection laws.  And if they don’t follow such restrictions, there’s no limit to how dirty tribal lenders can play the lending game.

Are Tribal Payday Loans Illegal?

When tribal laws were first introduced to the world, their lenders made it known that they were not in any way in conjunction with state restrictions and federal laws.  That simply means that they were exploiting the fact that Native Americans had unique legal privileges and could conduct their affairs.

So even though tribal loans cant be categorized as exclusively illegal, some of their practices don’t quite conform to the guarding laws.  And this has been seen as the government is catching up with them through an extreme crackdown.

Should You Ever Take Out A Tribal Payday Loan?

Generally, you should avoid tribal loans if you have suitable options where you can secure high-end loans at a lower interest rate. Tribal loans are incredibly costly, and their lenders are willing to go overboard to make extra, even if it means breaking the law.

And even though taking payday loans is not recommended, it will be a financial suicide should you take them. The fact that tribal loan lenders are unwilling to abide by the law that protects you and me speaks volumes about what they are all about.

That’s why I wouldn’t recommend you take a tribal loan at all costs.  I suggest you go for payday loans as they are governed by state laws that protect your interests.

Can A Tribal Payday Loan Company Sue You?

Tribal loan lenders will sue you in a public court if you don’t repay the amount you owe them according to the terms of their contract that you willingly agreed to.  That means you can still be sued even if you’re still paying the loan, but the period has elapsed.

Not that the chances of you going to jail if a tribal loan sues you is slim as you can only be sued in a civil court and not a criminal court.  However, most tribal lenders want to negotiate with you physically to avoid resorting to such drastic measures.

Advantages Of Tribal Payday Loans

Even though sometimes tribal installment loans direct lenders no credit check are considered dangerous or a bad deal, they have a solid fanbase that is always willing to secure such loans at all costs. Tribal loans provide their users with high-interest short loans that help in meeting day-to-day needs.

Similarly, tribal loans don’t conduct a credit score check as traditional lending institutions do, making them very attractive to most users.  They also give you loan options if you need a small amount of money to sort out a few things.  And since they don’t follow state laws, they can often offer a large chunk of money on their terms, which most users take in desperation.

Disadvantages Of Tribal Payday Loans

Securing a tribal loan is often isn’t a great deal as they charge ridiculous interest rates that can lead you into a financial trap if you’re not keen on securing a loan. Their APRs sometimes stretch to three digits, making it a worse deal than the traditional lending institutions.

The worst part is that their lenders are willing to take you through a deceitful lending practice to ensure that you pay more than what you had earlier agreed with them, with extra costs here and there. And the fact that they don’t adhere to state rules shows they have no limits regarding their predatory loan games.


Securing tribal loans isn’t such a great deal due to the credibility of their lenders, who often insist on not following state laws.  However, when in a financial crisis, you’ll often tend to lean towards risky loans if you have no option.  As such, you should consider all your options, such as payday loans and other traditional lending platforms before settling on tribal loans.