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What are the odds of online bingo? 

What are the odds of online bingo? 

What are the odds of online bingo? 

Bingo is the famous game of chance and reflex for a potential prize, be it money or material goods. The premise of the game is simple: you have to listen to the numbers being called out. If a number on your card matches the number that is called, mark it off on your card(s).

The first player to complete a winning pattern on their card wins. In classic 90 Ball bingo, these patterns are 1 line, 2 lines or a full house. In land-based bingo, you will have to use your reflexes to shout “bingo!” as soon as you hear the lucky number that completes your winning pattern, the first player to do so will claim the reward. In online bingo, the victory will automatically be claimed for you or split between several players – also try Fruit Blast Slot UK.

But what exactly are the odds of winning at online bingo? How can one estimate their chances using the information available? What is the winning strategy in online bingo? These questions are answered below to help you become the best bingo player you can be.

How to win?

Players often look for strategies and ways to up their chances in bingo. In order to find the best strategy, let’s consider some important and fundamental factors about the game:

  • Bingo relies on chance. No one can predict the order of the numbers called out in the game (this is done randomly), nor is it possible to know which bingo cards will be lucky. That being said, it becomes clear that luck is the primary factor that will help you win prizes in online bingo.
  • The game is designed to provide equal opportunity to all the players and it cannot be manipulated or cheated in any way.

However, that does not mean that you have to play online bingo blindly! By using simple logic and evaluating the information available, you can calculate your odds of winning at bingo. This will help you discern when is a good time to bet and when the odds are against you; help you manage your funds more strategically. More about it below.

Calculate your odds

Calculating your odds in online bingo is way more simple than it may sound. All you have to do is divide the number of cards you have with the total number of cards in the game (usually displayed to all players).

For instance, if you purchased 10 bingo cards and there are 200 cards being played in total, (granted that there is a winner in every round of the game, always specified in the description of an online bingo game) you have a 5% chance of winning, because 10/200 = 1/20 or 5/100.

  • A clear way to increase your chances of winning is to play when there is least competition! Check back on online bingo games at different times of the week to identify the best (most vacant) times to play.
  • Additionally, the more bingo cards you buy, the higher chance there is that the lucky card will be in your possession.


The odds of winning at online bingo vary – no two games are the same and the odds should always be calculated by referring to the information that is given in a specific game.

A player can weigh up their odds by using the simple probability technique described above. However, it is worth remembering that bingo relies on luck and winning is never guaranteed, even if it is likely. A player with a single bingo card could beat another player with 10 bingo cards – anything becomes possible in games like bingo!

Set spending limits when playing online bingo and stick to them. Always play responsibly and only spend as much money as you can afford to lose.

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