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Our 8 Favorite Websites For Boosting TikTok Presence In 2021

Our 8 Favorite Websites For Boosting TikTok Presence In 2021

Websites For Boosting TikTok

We are going to keep it short in this article so let us cut to the chase already.

TikTok is starting to revolutionize the mode of communication on social media, and its popularity has been growing ever since. For someone who has just begun to use TikTok, having good exposure to people on TikTok is the first thing you should have in mind because all your posts and talents might go to waste if you are not known by the people online.

An easy way to get the required exposure is to buy followers, likes, comments, or views. The method is preferred by almost anyone, and even those who publicly despise it use it secretively. They just don’t want you to take the easy road so they can have more exposure than you.

In today’s article, we will give a short overview of the websites that we think are doing a great job in providing people with what they need on TikTok. Let us begin.

This is one of our 2 most recommended websites in this list of 8 websites. Sure the other websites are not bad either, but this one and the one after it simply perform out of charts.

These guys have defined standards for us with the wide variety of services they provide with a highly secure and scam-proof payment system.  The followers are 100% real people, and they do actively engage with the content. Plus, unlike many other websites, the followers do show quite a lot of retention as well, and that is something we are always highly appreciative of.


  • This site lets you buy TikTok likes instant
  • A very secure and safe payment system
  • Good engagement from followers


  • A little too pricey, but you can’t tag quality with price now, can you?

2 BoostMyTikTok


Just as the name indicates, the website does play a big part in a particular account’s appearance on Tiktok, or at least, that has been the case with us, almost all of the time.

Appearance on the For you page means clean and organic growth, which most websites do not want you to have. This is because if you did, who will support their businesses then?

And this is precisely why we like this website. These guys are honest people, and they will help you massively in growing organically. And it is something one must always appreciate.


  • Organic growth promotion
  • Real and active followers
  • Highly authentic


  • Nothing so significant of a con


Falttify is one of the websites we like because you can binge buy many followers from here without paying a handsome amount for the followers. And what’s even better is that the followers are mostly real. Sure there are bots here and there, as one would expect from cheap followers, but the ratio of real followers to bots is very low.

Hence, if you want to buy many followers while still standing on economically stable grounds, this website is your go-to place.


  • Cheap rates
  • Quick service
  • Superb customer support


  • Few bots here and there


Although the website does say ‘quick delivery’. It is not that quick. And for us, that is a plus point.

The followers don’t drop in all at the same time but are delivered gradually through a period, in a way it looks more natural, both to one’s current followers and fans and to the algorithm.

As for the quality of followers, they are high quality, rest assured. No one is ever going to be able to differentiate between bough followers and organic followers.


  • High-quality followers
  • Gradual delivery
  • Followers do engage in posts as well


  • Nothing significantly wrong with this website


Yes, the other websites that we have yet talked about have excellent quality to their followers, but allow us to say this; nothing beats quality for followers from these websites.

The followers are 100% genuine, real people who love to engage with your content. Another feature of this website that we are interested in is its discounts. The higher the number of followers you buy, the greater you will get a discount.

With a 20% discount on 200 followers and a whopping 76% discount on 5K followers, this website is one of the best ones to buy quality followers at cheap prices.


  • High-quality followers
  • Great discount packages
  • Real and active followers


  • A little too pricey for a small number of followers


If you want followers but do not want to pay for the followers, here is a good website you can try out.

These guys offer free followers to their users, but only a certain amount every day since they operate with real people and not bots.

Drip feed is another exciting feature of the site in that it pours the followers in your account slowly and gradually, in a way that looks more natural.

They also have paid, premium services that you can always try out when you feel like you have some cash to spare.


  • Free followers
  • Quality ensured
  • Drip feed


  • Few bots present. But that’s okay because most of the ‘free followers’ are real people.


The best thing about this website is that they have this feature called ‘custom offer’ and it is something we have been a fan of ever since.

You can order any service you want in the custom offer. It’s a form, which you have to fill out specifically stating all your requirements and the amount of cash you have at deposit. Once place, the website will contact you personally within 24hrs and you can start your growth journey with real people helping you in real-time.


  • Next-level personalization
  • A high retention rate of followers
  • Exceptional customer service


  • Some services on the pricey side


And finally, we have

The best thing about this website is that they offer combo packages. Best for those who are too busy buying each service independently. Plus, it saves a lot of cash to order it this way and it helps in growth even more. The only downside is that they charge way more than any average or fancy website does, but that’s okay considering their services have always been flawless.


  • Combo packages
  • High quality and active followers
  • Amazing customer support team


  • Way too pricey for an individual to afford in terms of market standards

And that brings us to the end of this quick, short article. We hope you liked it and found it useful and we wish you happy growth on TikTok.


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