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Website Feedback Tool: Easily collect your users’ opinions with Busatools
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Website Feedback Tool: Easily collect your users’ opinions with Busatools

Collecting feedback from your website visitors is crucial for understanding their needs and improving your site. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to find the right website feedback tool. Busatools offers an easy-to-use and affordable customer feedback tool that can help you start collecting user opinions quickly.

Busatools Makes it Simple to Add Surveys and Feedback Forms

As a website feedback tool, Busatools makes it simple to add surveys, polls, and other feedback forms to your site through an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. You can easily customize the feedback prompts and questions without coding expertise.

The editor allows you to create different styles of questions, including multiple-choice, ratings, open-ended responses, and more. You have complete flexibility over the wording and ordering of questions. This allows you to target specific insights based on your goals, such as improving navigation, gauging interest in new features, or evaluating customer satisfaction.

Once you finish designing your survey or poll, Busatools makes it effortless to embed the customer feedback tool anywhere on your website. The flexible placement options allow you to position it prominently on crucial pages or more discretely, like on exit intent popups.

Seamless Feedback Collection and Reporting

After placing the surveys, the website feedback tool automatically gathers responses and user opinions 24/7. Visitors can quickly provide feedback on your site without going to an external form.

Busatools compiles all the feedback data into an easy-to-use dashboard. You can view both aggregated and individual responses. The dashboard displays stats such as number of respondents and completion rates to help you evaluate the success of your surveys.

All the raw response data can also be exported for further analysis. The customer feedback tool integrates with services like Google Analytics, which allows you to gain insights like relating feedback to specific site content or user behavior flows.

Busatools - feedback template

Key Benefits of Busatools

Busatools provides several key benefits that make it an excellent website feedback tool:

  • Easy Setup – It only takes minutes to create your first survey with the drag-and-drop editor and embed it on your site without coding. This enables you to start collecting feedback rapidly.
  • Customization – Fully adaptable surveys allow you to craft targeted questions and feedback prompts to get the insights you need.
  • Automation – Feedback collection happens automatically, so you can effortlessly gather opinions and data from all website visitors.
  • User Identification – Collecting individual respondent details like name and email allows for follow-up and clarification.
  • Insights – Detailed reporting provides stats and exportable raw data to uncover actionable insights.
  • Value – Very affordable pricing, starting at just $16 monthly for up to 2,500 responses. Competitors can charge 2-3x more for the same capabilities.

Start Collecting Quality User Feedback Today

The Busatools customer feedback tool lets you easily collect high-quality user opinions and turn them into website improvements. The intuitive platform makes it fast and straightforward to add fully customized surveys across your site and gather feedback from visitors automatically.

Sign up for a free trial account today to experience how Busatools can help you better understand your users, increase customer satisfaction, and create a better overall website experience. The insights will provide immense value for optimizing your site.

Additional Information about Busatools

In addition to the website feedback tool, Busatools provides other solutions to improve customer experience. Their feature request software lets you collect ideas for new features directly from users and allows them to vote on submissions. The user research platform helps conduct 1-on-1 interviews and observes customer interactions to uncover deeper insights.

Busatools also offers a widget for collecting reviews and testimonials that can be displayed as social proof. All the tools integrate seamlessly under one platform designed to help you better understand and serve your users. The suite of capabilities makes Busatools a complete customer intelligence solution for product teams.

Moreover, Busatools provides robust analytics to help you measure and understand the feedback collected. The dashboard displays an overview of responses with key metrics like number of submissions, completion rate, and average time spent. To analyze specific subsets, you can segment and filter the data by date range, survey type, and other parameters.

The analytics provide insight into survey performance to optimize question design and placement. You can also track trends to monitor changing customer needs and satisfaction. Advanced features like heatmaps, ratings breakdowns, and text analysis enable more profound analysis. The analytics make it easy to turn raw survey data into visualizations and insights that inform business decisions and website improvements. With Busatools, survey analytics are built-in to get maximum value from the feedback received.


Collecting user feedback may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be with the right website feedback tool. Busatools streamlines the process of creating surveys, gathering responses, and analyzing insights so you can start improving your website quickly. The easy setup, customization, automation, and affordable pricing make it an excellent choice for virtually any website owner. Don’t wait to gain valuable customer opinions – sign up for Busatools today to turn feedback into positive changes that will grow your business.

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