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3 Simple Ways to Track Your Child’s iPhone

3 Simple Ways to Track Your Child’s iPhone

Track Your Child’s iPhone: There are numerous online stories of how parents tracked their kids through their iPhones. Parents who gift their kids iPhones have different reasons they may want to track their kids.

Today, child and smartphone is a scary mix for most parents owing to many online predators among other ills. The ability to track the whereabouts of your child is one of the reasons you prefer to track their kids.

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As a parent, you are constantly looking for a way to protect the safety of your child online. If you want to keep your child safe from cyber bullies or just want to know where your child is always, you’ve come to the right place.

There some efficient iPhone tracking ways that let you track your child’s phone easily. However, the best way to track an iPhone is through an iPhone tracking app. The design of these apps allows you to easily track your child.

Here, we show you 3 simple ways to track your child’s iPhone. For more, read on to know which suits your iPhone tracking needs.

Part 1: Cocospy – Trusted iPhone tracker

If you are looking for a simple and reliable way to track your child’s phone, visit Cocospy now>>. Cocospy is a phone surveillance app that supports both iPhone and Android smartphones.

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Millions of parents across 190 countries around the world trust and use Cocospy to track their children. The app comes with multiple features that make tracking a child’s iPhone very easy.

Cocospy has a geofence feature that lets you get notifications if your child leaves a designated area. With Cocospy, you can track iPhone online without your child noticing.

1.1 Amazing Tracking Features

As a reliable iPhone hacking app, Cocospy has iPhone hacking features that make it unique. To understand what makes Cocospy stand out, we have highlighted some of its features and capabilities.

#1. Location Tracking

Cosospy lets you track all your child’s movements from home to school and back. The app even comes with a geofence feature to help you track your child’s movements.

Geofence feature sends notifications whenever your child crosses the border you set them on the app. The location tracking feature records all the addresses as well as geographical coordinates your child’s iPhone visits.

The app delivers unrivaled iPhone tracking capabilities through its location tracking feature. As a result, you will always know the whereabouts of your child and the areas they go to.

#2. Works in Stealth Mode

This coveted feature makes tracking your child’s iPhone undetectable. Cocospy ensures the app uses very little phone resources. So, the tracking occurs in the background to avoid interfering with iPhone performance.

To track your child’s iPhone, Cocospy only requires your child’s iCloud credentials. That’s all. The app then syncs every data on the iPhone with your Cocospy dashboard where you can track all your child’s activities.

#3. Track Social Media Activities

Besides tracking the whereabouts of your child, Cocospy lets you spy on social media activity. Not only does this comprehensive phone tracking lets you track social media apps, but virtually every installed app on the iPhone.

The ability to track the installed apps in your child’s iPhone is an important feature. Cocospy lets you Facebook and LINE. It allows you to track posts and chats on these platforms.

What’s more, the app can track all incoming and outgoing texts on your child’s iPhone. Cocospy even tracks WhatsApp and LINE social media chats on your child’s iPhone. All the tracking is discreet.

The app lets you track both individual and group chats. So, if your child is old enough to chat, you will know who they chat with online. Also, Cocospy lets you access deleted messages from its online backup.

#4. No-jailbreak Solution

To track your kid’s iPhone, Cocospy doesn’t require jailbreaking their iPhone. Note that the app does not require installation on your child’s iPhone, so there is no need to jailbreak it.

Jailbreaking your child’s iPhone voids its warranty and compromises their security online. Also, the jailbreaking requires technical know-how that most people lack.

Fortunately, Cocospy uses cutting-edge technology to avoid the need to install the app on your child’s iPhone. So, Cocospy gives you the luxury of tracking your child’s iPhone remotely.

#5. Remote Tracking

Cocospy is a web-based iPhone tracking app. The revolutionary app allows you to track your child’s iPhone using a web browser. To do this, you only need your child’s iCloud credentials.

Cocospy syncs iCloud data to your dashboard. The different tracking activities occur on your dashboard. Remote tracking capabilities result in stealth tracking and eases your tracking activities.

#6. Safe

Millions of Cocospy users around the globe trust it and have given the app a customer approval rating of 96%. What’s more, Cocospy doesn’t have access data from third-party apps so it never backs up such data on its server.

1.2 Using Cocospy to Track your Child’s iPhone

To track your kid’s iPhone using Cocospy takes a few easy steps. We have outlined the steps below:

Step 1: Register for a Cocospy account by going to the official Cocospy website. While at it, ensure you choose a package that suits your iPhone tracking needs.

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Step 2: Set up your child’s iPhone. You will be required to provide some details before choosing iOS as your operating system. Next, provide your kid’s iPhone iCloud credentials.

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Step 3: Allow the app time to sync all the data. Afterward, click the Start button to terminate the setup process and start tracking your kid.

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Step 4: Now, Access your Cocospy dashboard by logging in to start tracking your child’s iPhone. On the left panel of the dashboard, you will be able to select whatever you want to spy on your child’s iPhone.

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The dashboard lets access all the different iPhone tracking features. It will allow you to track everything from calls log, messages to social media and more.

Part 2: Spyic

Spyic is a reputable iPhone tracking tool. It offers different tracking features that ease iPhone tracking. Spyic has excellent hacking capabilities such as the ability to track in stealth. Also, the can track an iPhone online.

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The app is web-based making its tracking capabilities take place online. Also, it doesn’t interfere with iPhone performance since it doesn’t have to be installed.

Also, like Cocospy, Spyic doesn’t need jailbreaking your child’s iPhone to track it. Some of the notable features in this app include location tracking, social media, and messages among others.

Part 3: Spyier

Spyier is a great iPhone tracking app. The web-based tracking app allows you to track devices running on Android and iOS. All the tracking takes place in secrecy and without interfering with your child’s phone performance.

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The app lets you track your child’s iPhone remotely via a browser. Also, you won’t have to jailbreak your child’s iPhone. This is a reliable iPhone tracking app that has over a million users and counting.


The best and the simplest way to track your child’s iPhone is through a phone surveillance app. Although there are many out there, only a few can deliver on this promise. Here, we highlighted the 3 simple apps to track your kid’s iPhone.

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