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Underestimated Video Player: Role in Streaming Business

Underestimated Video Player: Role in Streaming Business


Video Player Role in Streaming Business – There is no shortage of over-the-top (OTT) streaming platforms to provide content online. Enter the term streaming platform on Google, and you will see hundreds of results. Despite this comprehensive field of available streaming platforms, it remains a challenge to find a good video player and an IPTV encoder that meets specific business and technical requirements.

In this article, we will walk through the questions you need to answer before you can pick the best video player for your streaming business.

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Importance of Video Players in the Streaming Business

Finding the most suitable video player and IPTV encoder must be one of the most crucial parts of a streaming business’s strategy for running videos. Choosing a video player that aligns with your business’s requirements can be a difficult task with so many options accessible. Furthermore, there are other technical aspects such as UI or UX customizations and others that you must look at as well.

Video players are a crucial aspect of the streaming engine and bring essentialness in the process of content distribution of OTT companies. To name a few of its inimitable streaks in the OTT platform, your videos are small-sized according to the height and width of the videos.

To add further, it attributes to add functionality like pausing and playing the videos in auto mode is capacitated via cutting-edge technology of a video player. Here are some of the importance of having a video player on your streaming platform:

  • Flexible customizability –

Almost everything is customizable with the master-made unique needs through eminent OTT services.

  • Affordability –

It goes without saying that video players come with premium prices to pick from. Nonetheless, a major drawback cannot be missed with the fact of assessing their free-to-use source code. With many integrations, using an OTT solution is a long-run take in pricing factors.

  • Simple compatibility –

Many of the advanced browsers in the best OTT or IPTV services, which are supported by HTML 5 or HLS streaming videos, are shown by compatible video playing on any mobile, TV, or web screen. That showcases leverage to aim at any demographic using any type of device.

What Features should a Good Video Player have?

Video Player Role in Streaming Business – Your OTT services, along with every feature within it, are all direct representations of your business. That’s why it’s essential that no detail is ignored or overlooked. Of the many details you need to consider, a crucial one is the video player you pick. The video player of your streaming platform can either make it or break it. Thus, there are some attributes you need to search for to pick the best one:

  • Audio and video quality

The video you provide to your users must be of high and professional quality in every aspect, including visual and audio elements. With different standard video players, you should depend on their built-in features.

Those may be enough, but they are not the best quality. Nonetheless, the right video player helps you offer exceptional video quality that provides a clear, crisp picture and stereophonic audio that offers clarity.

  • Compatible for mobile and home viewing

It’s essential that the video is accessible everywhere to maintain your current viewers and to obtain a wider audience. That includes both mobile and home access. With players like HTML5 and flash video, you can guarantee your videos will be compatible. Thus, those videos can be watched offline and on internet-enabled mobile devices.

Having a good video player that is fast to upload, compatible, and seamless will ensure your videos can be watched and increase the chance of them being watched by others.

  • Branding quality

When you pick a video player for your OTT platform, it’s essential that the video player conveys your business name and not that of somebody else. That’s why the player must have its branding qualities.

Your OTT services will look more professional by adding your personal logo and branding to your videos. On top of that, you will remove confusion by allowing your viewers to know for sure that the quality content they simply watched was produced only by your company.

How can a bad video player affect the success of a streaming business?

Keep in mind that using a bad video player significantly influences the success of your streaming business. Not only will using a bad video player make development challenging on your part, but it will also influence the video experience of your viewers.

The last time a user would like in a streaming platform is a video player that does not load and is not compatible with their devices. Since the use of tablets and smartphones has become widespread, you must put your priority on all-device compatibility.

Final Thoughts

Video Player Role in Streaming Business – As someone studying OTT video players, one or both of these is most likely true: you don’t have the budget or resources to create a custom video player from scratch, or you’re curious if you’re paying too much for a custom video player when an OTT player will suffice.

Most OTT services available in the market are available at little or no cost. But you may find that premium OTT services are worth the one-time license fee or the annual subscription fee.

When you are assessing premium video players against those that do not need a licensing fee, keep in mind the price versus cost paradigm. Indeed, a free video player might get you ninety percent of the features you need, but the result may end up costing you more, especially if you are spending more money and time to finesse that free player to obtain 100% of the features. The lack of certain skin customizations in a video player could also ruin your branding efforts.

Ultimately, make sure you consider the resources and time needed to transition from your current video player to something new. If any changes are needed, we hope the parameters you utilize for one video player can be mapped easily to another video player’s parameters.

What are your thoughts about this post? We hope all the information presented above helped you realize the importance of using a good video player for your streaming business. Choose wisely, and we wish you the best of luck!

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