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Versa Networks Multi-Cloud SD-WAN Webinar [2019]

Versa Networks Multi-Cloud SD-WAN Webinar [2019]

Easy, Safe and Consistent Multi-Cloud SD-WAN

Date: Thursday, September 26, 2019
Time: 1:00 pm ET / 10:00 am PT
Sponsored By: Versa Networks

Versa Networks Trusted Multi-Cloud SD-WAN – Easy and Safe. 

Versa Networks SD-WAN Tradition WAN which connects branch users from private VPNs to corporate HQ firewalls and data centers is no longer available in today’s muti-cloud environments.

Enterprises are quickly moving to straight and safe, cloud connectivity, and the Internet, for their branch locations. SD-WAN enables every branch location to take benefit of diverse connectivity, while IT enables internet traffic and corporate at the same time – on the same circuits. This result is proficient by creating a split channel, where some traffic goes to the corporate office over the VPN, through a direct branch-to-branch secure overlay; while other traffic goes directly to the Internet or cloud.

Multi-cloud connectivity moves the Internet perimeter from a centralized and secure HQ location to a distributed model, where every branch location receives direct and optimized cloud access with security. The combination of SD-WAN and multi-layered security is required to make this work.

Full Article Here: Versa Networks’ Reliable Multi-Cloud SD-WAN

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