Top tips to protect your wet iPad

Top tips to protect your wet iPad

Dropping an iPad into a bathroom, sink, and toilet is always a bit harder than a smartphone. However, the chances of this are quite common. Water damage is usually a common problem with iPads. It is a type of damage that can cause a major drop in the value of an iPad and also often void the warranty. Sometimes your iPad accidentally got wet, which further damaged your iPad because of the electronic circuits.

Most iPad models have a water damage indicator. The LCI or Liquid Contact Indicators got activated when your iPad gets accidentally wet. In case your iPad model does not have any indicator, then you can check the water damage by looking for corrosion in its SIM card tray. After an indication of water damage, you instantly want to take your iPad to the service center or experts for iPad repair services. But sometimes the unavailability of a service center in your area and busy schedule makes it tough for you to get it repaired at the right time. However, here are some tips to protect your wet iPad.

Table of contents

  • Switch if off
  • Shake the water out
  • Skip rice and hair dryer
  • Remove the SIM card
  • Ask experts

Switch it off:

In many cases, when an iPad gets wet, it turns off. But in case your iPad is still on or working somehow, then it is better to turn it off immediately and leave it unused for a few hours to days. Using a wet iPad increases the chances of short circuits, which can cause long-term damage. Keeping the iPad unused and off for 2-3 days helps to prevent the risk of further damage. This will help the water to dry off. To remove the excess water from it, you can also keep it in an upright or standing position for a few hours and then flip it the next.

Shake the water out:

Shaking the iPad for a few seconds helps to ensure that it does not include more water in it. However, this also depends on how much water your iPad is exposed to. Shaking a little or using a paper towel helps to remove the excess available water. The paper towel soaks the moisture as much as possible and further prevents your iPad from higher water damage.

Skip rice and hairdryer:

To keep an iPad safe after water damage, many people follow the myth of putting it into a bag of rice. People believe a myth that rice helps to soak away all the moisture and water present in the iPad. However, it is just a misconception. Doing so sometimes even cause damage to the electronic parts of such devices. Rice soaking also exposes your iPad to rice dust, which affects its motherboard as well as other sensitive parts. Just like rice, some people also prefer using a hair dryer or leaving their iPad near a heater. This must always be avoided as excessive heat can damage an iPad.

Remove the SIM card:-

No doubt the battery of iPads is tough to remove, but you are allowed to remove your SIM card whenever you want. Removing the SIM card once the device is a bit dry helps to save it. This will help you keep your SIM card working and also prevent loss of data.

Ask experts:

Many times, it becomes tough for you to protect your wet iPad. You try a few things or everything best but do not reach any conclusion. Regardless of trying something wrong or new, it is better to consult an expert for the best advice. In case, in-store experts are not available, you can take online advice or follow the above tips to solve protect your device.

Those who are professionals always remain available with their services. Such service providers offer a variety of services such as iPhone repair, iPad repair, MacBook repair, etc. All at reasonable rates. Just make sure the service center or service provider you will choose for the services is a professional and is well-known for such services.

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