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Destiny 2 Meta Today: Top 8 Weapons for PvP and PvE Activities

Destiny 2 Meta Today: Top 8 Weapons for PvP and PvE Activities

Top 8 Weapons for PvP and PvE Activities – These days, the number of fantastic weapons in the game only continues to grow, despite some major nerfs and Content Vault. Every season, the meta shifts, so sometimes, it can be quite hard to find proper weapons for your loadout. No worries though: we’ll help you with that today! From explaining why Vex destiny 2 is one of the best guns out there to sharing tips on which weapons you need to get from Grasp of Avarice solo completion, we’ll make sure you know what kind of firearms you need to stock up on. Learn more about the strongest weapons for PvP and PvE activities right here down below.

These Are Your Best Weapons for PvE

What are the most useful weapons for boss encounters, clearing mobs, and completing the hardest activities in the game? Find out more right here:


This is another new weapon that is actually one of the returning classics. It deals tons of Stasis damage and can be rolled with a variety of perks, which means that you can build your loadout to your liking in any way you want. The only downside is that you’ll have to complete the Grasp of Avarice dungeon to get it. Destiny 2 Grasp of Avarice is quite challenging, but it should not be a problem if you enjoy both the PvE and PvP contents of D2.


The 30th anniversary brought many amazing weapons, but this one is definitely one of the most sought-after firearms introduced during that period. The famous classics came back, and it seems like it’s not going to leave the meta soon. It’s capable of shooting rockets that once launched, break into smaller ones, which leaves the enemy with no other choice than to just die. The weapon is truly legendary.


If you’re looking for a gun that combines both fun and terror, this is the right pick for you. This grenade launcher might seem like a good option only if you would like to goof around, but the truth is that you can never go wrong with a grenade launcher, even if it doesn’t look like a serious option for your loadout. It deals tons of burst damage and gives a 15% buff for your other weapons, which turns you into a real killing machine for mobs and bosses.

Dead Messanger

Clearing out the whole crowds of enemies is something every player wants to be able to do when taking part in any PvE activities. It has changeable elements, and this grenade launcher, as well as almost any other one, is perfect for clearing tons of mobs and getting through any obstacles.

You Need Weapons for PvP

Which weapons are the best choice for eliminating all your opponents that are standing in your way? There are so many heavy-hitters and incredible firearms that is hard to answer the question right away. However, we’ll try to. Here are the best 5 weapons that excel in PvP:

Peace of Mind

If a weapon has a wide range of perks available that are good for all kinds of situations, it is a good reason to consider this weapon for your next battle. It seems like Peace of Mind is definitely a type of weapon that would protect you from all kinds of enemies and would bring actual peace to your team. Pulse rifles are not appreciated enough, and PoM is here to change that.

Vex Mythoclast

Hands down, the Vex destiny fusion rifle is one of the biggest stars of the game. Destiny 2 Vex Mythoclast is an ultimate classic that is a must-have for every player. The Vex Mythoclast destiny 2 rifle is so fantastic for many reasons, but the main one is the fact that it gives bonus damage, stability, and accuracy. So how to get Vex Mythoclast destiny 2? You can unlock Vex Mythoclast D2 by completing the Vault of Glass raid on hard mode. Vex Mythoclast drop rate is around 3%, which is pretty low.

Lorentz Driver

This beast is capable of shooting down not only those enemies you’re aiming at but also the ones that are close to them. It will do that by dragging all the enemies into one spot after you make a kill. It works fine at different ranges, so to make your loadout shine, you can just add a short-range weapon to it, and you’ll be good to go.

Reed’s Regret

This is a powerful weapon that’s perfect for getting these one-hit headshots and eliminating the enemies quickly and precisely. One of the best things about this weapon is that it can be paired up with any perk you want, and you’ll still achieve the desired results and get some nice kills. The only bad news is that you can obtain the weapon only from Trials, but it is definitely worth it.

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