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Top 5 Video Game Franchises That Would Make Great Slot Games

Top 5 Video Game Franchises That Would Make Great Slot Games

Top 5 Video Game Franchises

Anyone that has played a slot game before will know that many of them have taken inspiration from a variety of different genres and themes, with each of these used helping to create a rather incredible and immersive experience.

Of course, if players head to a platform like Casumo that offer thousands of online slots, they will instantly see that there are a number of titles that have used successful video game franchises as a source of inspiration that can be used.

Iconic titles such as Lara Croft’s Tomb Raider, Street Fighter, Resident Evil and Call of Duty are just amongst some of the options that have been made available already, however we decided to take a look at some other video game franchises that could become rather successful if they were given the same touch by developers. Here are our top five picks and why they could become a hit:

Assassin’s Creed

Perhaps one of the most popular game franchises currently in existence, there is no doubt that Assassin’s Creed could work well within the online slot game industry. The game features all the adventure, action and mystique that punters enjoy when playing slots, thus making this Ubisoft game series one that could have an immediate impact.

Grand Theft Auto

There is no doubt that the Grand Theft Auto franchise is one of the biggest to have ever been created within the video game sector, and it is almost unforgivable not to have seen at least one slot be created thus far. Indeed, Rockstar Games has already provided developers with a number of different themes that could be used, with a variety of different titles also possible within the collection.

Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid is another iconic video game franchise that could easily enter the world of slots, with Konami’s excellent title providing the perfect blend of action that would fit the games that are created. An immersive theme could easily be created, as could the various icons that are needed for the reels. Given that the game has been a hit for decades already and its reputation does not appear to be dwindling any time soon, then it is absurd that the franchise has not made its way to the online video slots market.

The Evil Within

There is a market for slot games that follow a theme of horror and creepiness, therefore The Evil Within would have to be considered another excellent game that could go down immediately positively with punters. The game features some impressive visuals that can be used as a brilliant source of inspiration, whilst players will be able to get fully immersed in the action that is provided when spinning away.

Super Mario

When thinking of a video game franchise, Nintendo’s Super Mario series will likely be near the very top of any list that an individual thinks of. Therefore, it is a surprise that the game has not been turned into a slot offering. Nintendo has already created some in-game features that feature them as a minigame, such as in its Super Mario 64 DS title, although they are far from widespread. Everyone loves Mario and his friends, as well as the stories that he continues to be involved in, which would instantly make any title created with him an instant success.

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