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6 Best Tools for Freelancers to Stay Productive and Distraction Free
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6 Best Tools for Freelancers to Stay Productive and Distraction Free

Best Tools for Freelancers to Stay Productive and Distraction Free – In the digital era, everyone likes to be his or her boss. No one likes to spat up with the manager every day for not performing well, reaching late at the office, or measly pay raise. One could 10x the earning by just adopting the freelance career. However, before taking any decision, the first thing is you need to have at least backup for one to two years. Otherwise, things can turn out to be a nightmare, as you might not be able to meet monthly expenses and utilities.

If you have a plan and you know you are ready to take the challenge, then welcome to the board. Without taking any break, you need to get started right away. But wait before you start because there are some things you need to know.

Before starting your career as a freelancer, make sure to look for an economical internet package. If you take our advice seriously, we would recommend you to get hands-on Spectrum packages. The internet speed is optimal and customer service is at par.

Now you have the basic utility to kickstart your freelancing business. Let’s move on to some tools you need to have at your disposal to pursue your freelancing smoothly. Stay tuned and don’t miss any of it.

Oak Meditation

Freelancing is not going to be stress-free. At times you are going to feel the work and client’s pressure. You can’t afford to stress yourself and go into a state of anxiety and depression. Make sure to install Oak Meditation before going on a long spree of freelancing and remote working. Sitting long hours at work should be served with something relaxing. The app will support you from the first session until the last one.

For instance, you will be doing breathing exercises and customize your meditation sessions according to your time. Moreover, there are other features as well such as background sounds and tracking your meditation practice. Most of the remote and freelance workers don’t take care of their sleep; however, with Oak Meditation, you are not going to lose your path and will stay healthy throughout your successful journey.


Trello is one of the best alternative free alternative, When it comes to working on different projects, freelancers often find themselves struggling. But not anymore because Trello is here to address the problem once and for all. You can use Trello to manage different projects by creating boards and cards to distinguish between them. Moreover, the projects can be categorized and placed under the to-do, doing, or done category.

If you want to experience organized work while working as a freelancer, Trello cards are there to help you stay organized. Each task can be tracked, shared, and managed with clients and teammates. Using Trello is just as easy as ABC. Simply sign up with Trello and get started instantly without watching long tutorials on YouTube. The user-friendly interface and easy-to-manage dashboard give Trello a special place among the freelance community.


When no supervisor or boss is tracking down your progress, you might feel lazy and unproductive at times. However, some of the tools are designed to help online marketers and freelancers to overcome it once and for all.

Timing is one of the best tools for freelancers who procrastinate and spend time without tracking it down. Never miss any deadline or spend time on unusual things while working. Timing is one tool that helps you to stay focused without demanding much.

Timing records your time on various projects and tracks your progress, which can be viewed later on. The problem with freelancers is that they start exploring things without any reason and can get distracted for hours. The application shows a timeline on what you had done at any given time including websites you visited and apps you opened.


Evernote has been one of the best and oldest note-taking applications. The application is not only suitable for freelancers and remote workers, but also common people who forget things often such as shopping for diapers and paying the bill before the due date.

Evernote is free for up to two devices and the premium version costs only $4.99 per month. If you are using only one device, it is better to stay with the free version. The application is available to download on Android, Web, and Apple devices.

The application is being used by over 100 million people across the globe and is considered to be the most reliable note-taking tool. The app is being used in different ways such as managing projects and keeping a list of things that they never want to forget. The application also features Notebooks, Web Clipper and Inbox to take your freelancing career to the next level.


LeechBlock is another best tool for freelancers that works on almost all the popular browsers including Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Google Chrome. As we have mentioned earlier, freelancers submit to distractions easily and some of the tools are designed to help them stay distraction-free. For instance, some freelancers may open Facebook to get some rest. But after spending hours on Facebook, they might realize that most of the time has been wasted.

LeechBlock is devised to help freelancers block the websites that keep them distracted. Schedule the time and utilize your time in the best possible manner. For instance, if you are on Instagram for several hours hindering your productivity, you can set the time and stay away from it. For a limited time, you can use Instagram and stay away from it for the remaining time.


Skype is one of the tools most freelancers and remote workers know better than anyone else. The tool allows you to hold video conferences with clients and peers of up to 100 people simultaneously. Moreover, Skype also allows you to call landline and mobile phones at extremely low rates.

If you are using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser, you don’t even need to install Skype at all. Simply sign in to Skype and start chatting with people within your contact list. Skype can be extremely helpful in sharing screens when the project is being discussed.

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