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TONOR TC-777 Microphone – Best Desktop Microphone
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TONOR TC-777 Microphone – Best Desktop Microphone

Best Desktop Microphone within $50

Product Description

Watch out for gamers, YouTubers, speakers, and podcasters: If you want to record a voice or vocal sequence at home, then you should think about buying a good microphone. Built-in devices are not suitable for professional audio recording. When it comes to microphone technology, the market leader TONOR supplies the right equipment. With this tool, clear tones await you on your next gaming session.

The microphone from TONOR enables perfect sound recordings – either for video editing or communication with friends. The demands on quality and performance are clear – as a player, you want to transmit your voice, be able to record it, and filter out any noise. TONOR, therefore, focuses its modern technology on creating the optimal basis for excellent communication.

Features of TONOR TC-777 MicrophoneFeatures of TONOR TC-777 Microphone

The TONOR microphone TC-777 has a practical plug-and-play device that enables the device to be set up in no time at all. A USB 2.0 data port ensures smooth transmission quality, with no additional driver software, phantom power, or sound card required immediately after installation. The TC-777 sets up practically by itself – simply folding out the three-legged stand and adjusting the pop filter position, and the plug-and-play module can do its job.Features of TONOR TC-777 Microphone 1

The high-quality microphone capsule with typical cardioid characteristics guarantees the best sound quality and ensures precise and reliable recordings. If the TONOR TC-777 microphone is required at different locations, the stand can be easily folded and transported without assembly.

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Features of TONOR TC-777 Microphone 2

The all-in-one microphone set contains everything you need as a fan of clear tones. In addition to the foldable tripod, the microphone spider reveals maximum ease of use. The elastic suspension is designed so that the TC-777 can swing freely and does not touch the microphone stand.Features of TONOR TC-777 Microphone 3

This decouples the device from structure-borne noise and any noise, and vibrations in the microphone environment are absorbed. While the microphone is in the center of the spider in a padded metal ring, flexible and elastic rubber bands ensure optimal hold.

Pros and Cons of TONOR TC-777 MicrophonePros and Cons of TONOR TC-777 Microphone


  • Excellent sound quality, enough for daily use
  • 1 kHz and 16-bit sampling rate
  • Signal-to-noise ratio is 56 dB
  • Professional equipment
  • Communication requirement in gaming
  • Compact size and good appearance
  • High cost-performance, only $39 for a complete mic set

Pros and Cons of TONOR TC-777 Microphone 1

The TC-777 microphone with USB is suitable for use on desktops, laptops, and PS4 can be easily installed using the plug-and-play module and is ready for use just a few seconds after automatic detection.

TONOR microphones are also compatible with Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. The external device is completely flexible and can be used anywhere. The microphone spider reduces all resonant noise and sound noises that can occur with every sound recording on the housing. TONOR also scores with a particularly elegant design in black and blue and conceptually creates an ideal basis for numerous shooting situations.Pros and Cons of TONOR TC-777 Microphone 2

Thanks to the intuitive operation, you can start right away and start producing your audio material. With the included USB cable, the TONOR Micro can be connected to the computer quickly and easily. An open-cell foam serves as pop protection to reduce noise to a minimum. While windy conditions are not necessarily to be expected in gaming, the low-frequency sound components present in every voice are reliably removed from the sound image. As a thoroughbred gamer, you easily mount the 5/8 inch thread directly on the microphone stand, so that you always have sufficient freedom of movement during your recordings.


  • USB cable length is just 1.5 meters
  • The tripod stand on the table, unable to pull the microphone near to the mouth
  • The sound quality is good, but there will be a slight noise floor at high volume

Comparison Review of TONOR TC-777 Microphone with Expensive MicrophonesComparison Review of TONOR TC-777 Microphone with Expensive Microphones

TONOR TC-777, An affordable alternative to the Blue Yeti microphone

Compare Item Expensive Mics TONOR TC-777
Price Over $100 Only $39.99
Function Multi -Functional Single-functional
Accessories Few Tripod, shock mount, pop filter
Sound quality Very Good good for non-professional
Cost-performance Low Very High

Comparison with Blue Snowball

Compare Item Blue Snowball TONOR TC-777
Price $69.99 $39.99
Accessories Tripod Tripod, shock mount, pop filter
Recording Quality Good Good
Keyboard noise Yes No
Cost-performance low High


TONOR offers the best solution for aspiring, creative gamers waiting to come out and be noticed. The TC-777 microphone has created a perfect balance to provide excellent sound quality. Professional recording devices from TONOR help to improve your performance in the audio experience.

The company stands by its passion for uncompromising sound quality based on the practical expertise of generations. His deep understanding of what makes good sound is the essence that drives an entire industry’s market leader. With the TC-777, TONOR quite rightly strives to be the leading microphone brand in the world.

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