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The Importance of a Data Recovery Service in your Company

The Importance of a Data Recovery Service in your Company

Despite the ever-increasing reliability of storage devices, the loss of digital information remains widespread. Everyday causes of data loss include human error, software crashes (such as computer viruses), power outages, and hardware failures. Fortunately, the information stored on digital media is almost always recoverable. The following article explains what data recovery is and why it is essential to have a data recovery service in your company.

What is Data Recovery?

Data recovery can be defined as the process of retrieving information on a storage device that cannot be accessed using standard means due to its previous deletion or damage to the digital medium. Various approaches are used to retrieve the missing files, but only on the condition that their contents reside somewhere on storage. For example, data recovery does not cover the situations where a file has never been written to persistent storage, such as: B. Documents that were created but could not be saved to the hard drive due to a power failure. In addition, none of the existing data recovery methods can cope with the permanent deletion of data that occurs when other information takes up its storage space. In these circumstances, the lost files can only be brought back from an external backup.

Data Recovery

Importance of a Data Recovery Service

The information we have on our computers is vital. Usually, when we turn on the computer on the computer, it is always there, so we usually do not care much about what would happen when a day disappears.

In the best cases, we buy a hard drive and make a backup without paying attention to the data used by us in close attention, or if the backup copies are valid, or if we have recorded the data in the backup you really want.

Even though we apparently perform the maintenance of the right computer, information about our computers is exposed to many threats, e.g., an energy wave, an electric wave, or a computer virus, among many other causes that can lose us our data.

For these occasions, it is essential to have a good data recovery service.

Why is it Important to have a Data Recovery Service?

The loss of data can be a catastrophe in our company, as it can produce a high cost in time and money, we can even have to paralyze the company’s activity. This situation is unsustainable for any company because the economical prices of stopping the activity even for a short time are very high.

When there is no other option, one option is to recover data from scratch and, despite its cost, it would be an excellent option to continue working normally.

No matter the complexity of the data recovery process, it can be recovered from the simplest to data lost in the most extreme situations such as floods, system crashes, viruses, corruption, accidental deletion, hard drive formatting

A good company that offers data recovery services will be able to recover data from any medium such as hard drives, memory cards, pen drives, or even mobile phones. The type of operating system does not matter either, be it Windows, Linux, or Android.

In some cases, not all, a remote data recovery service can be performed without the need to eliminate the hard drive from the computer to send it to our data recovery lab; this is the cheapest and speediest way to solve the problem, this possibility to be solved remotely will depend on the cause for which the data was lost.

There are times when we have only lost an Excel, Word, or a compressed Zip file. In these cases, it is possible to make a specific file recovery, reducing the costs of recovery.

A solution so that none of this happens is to have a backup in the cloud, a data recovery service implemented on our own servers, greatly facilitating the data recovery service in case of loss by our client. In a few hours, all the data can be downloaded to an external disk and recovered at the customer’s facilities.

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