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The Best Strategies for Local Startups this Year

The Best Strategies for Local Startups this Year

Five Local SEO Tips for New Businesses

How does a new business compete with big and established companies online? The answer is search engine optimization (SEO). You can rank alongside big brands by optimizing your website, social media site, and other online platforms.

SEO will help you establish your brand, promote your services and products, and send your message across.

SEO Strategies for New Businesses in 2022

SEO strategies are constantly changing with a focus on local searches. You can score higher and reach your target market faster with the right local SEO strategy, according to Digital Authority Partners. Here are the five most popular local SEO tactics for 2022.

1. Start with Your Google My Business Profile

Your Google My Business (GMB) profile is the first thing your customers will find once they search your business on Google. This is a free listing that you can edit anytime.

Your GMB profile has your business name, address, and phone number. It links to your business’ location on Google Maps; thus, you must have a GMB profile for all your business locations or branches.

Aside from your name, address, and phone number (NAP), GMB also displays a short description of your company and the category of your business. You can add your email address, website link, hours of operation, and photos of your business.

Customers or visitors can add photos of your business as well. A section allows your customers to create a review and rate your business. These sections help other customers get to know your business better.

Your GMB links to Google Maps so that your customers can get directions to your business location. Google Maps can even find the best time and route for your customers to take.


2. Promote Using Online Directories

Online directories help your customers find you online. These also help you rank higher in local searches. To start promoting your business from online directories, you must first find high-ranking directories relevant to your business.

For example, you should see a local restaurant on Foursquare or Tripadvisor, Yellow Pages, and Yelp. Most high-ranking directory sites are free to use, such as Facebook, GMB, Apple Maps, Yelp, HubSpot, and Others are paid directories but are worth it.

Just some of the best ones to improve your ranking and online reputation are:

A directory with higher domain ratings can help your site rank higher, making it visible to more customers online.


3. Rank Higher with Local Keywords

Keywords help search engines find and rank your business online. Thus, careful keyword research will yield the right ones to use.

Using common keywords such as “hair salon,” “dentist,” “fitness center,” or “apartments” won’t help rank you locally. The trick is to use specific keywords that your customers may be using to find your business. For a hair salon business in Las Vegas, use “Las Vegas hairstylist” or “hair salon in Las Vegas.”


4. Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users

Consumers use their mobile devices more than ever to find local businesses. Your website must not just cater to desktop users but also mobile customers. Also, a large number of mobile searches are based on location, so never overlook optimizing your mobile website for local customers.


5. Manage GMB Reviews

Google My Business allows customers to review your business. Just by clicking on “Reviews” on your GMB listing, anyone can rate (1 to 5 stars) and create a review. From the review page, they can also upload photos of your business.

For restaurants, cafes, and other food-related businesses, an option to describe a photo as a menu item is also available.

Positive reviews can help your business grow. Negative reviews can affect your rating but can help point out ways to improve your business. Sometimes, you may find inappropriate reviews that can damage your reputation online and offline.

Your GMB profile allows you to manage your customer reviews. From your profile, you can request Google to delete an inappropriate review. Google will remove reviews that violate its policies.

Reviews appear on Google Search and Google Maps; you can also use these platforms to remove these reviews.


Final Words

With these SEO strategies, your new business is on its way to better engagement, improved conversion, and better revenue. Take time to assess your new business needs to find out the best strategy to use. Improve your authority, get higher ranks, and rival big-name businesses with local SEO.

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