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A Test Management Platform Can Benefit an Enterprise Business

A Test Management Platform Can Benefit an Enterprise Business

It’s difficult nowadays to find a successful business that doesn’t exploit the fruits of technological progress. Lots of companies use existing state-of-the-art tools to remain competitive and prosperous by automating their processes, streamline workloads, reach potential customers, gather and analyze data and boost their productivity. But these tools alone are not always enough, and most times there is a need for a complimentary self-developed product or app.

Modern industries know that very well and never spare when it comes to development. They hire professional software engineers to implement advanced features, build a user-friendly interface, optimize their performances and integrate with their choice of toolstack.

Still, surprisingly, so little attention is paid to the post-development stages at which the software is being tested. A process that if neglected may cost serious and expensive losses – both in bugs interrupting customers’ journey and with time to redevelop and invest in the software.

This is the point where the necessity of a reliable test management platform is revealed. Test management helps to better manage the post development phase, and to reduce the time teams spend on bugs with the help of informed decision making.

Prioritizing Between Tests

Make smarter, faster and more informed decisions. In an Agile world, testing different permutations and combinations of tests is lengthy yet often required. This is why it’s crucial for teams to prioritize critical tests over important over unnecessary ones before releasing a product. It’s made simpler to prioritize between a massive amount of tests when using AI implementations to the test management process. With testing based on AI you can make sure you make the most out of your time by testing only the most obligatory tests.

Better predict your business’s timeline

test management allows you to objectively measure quality, track your current projects and predict your future progress based on your past recordings. Historic trends based insights can help you obtain a more thorough understanding of how effective your resources allocation is and, in turn, show the measurable business value of your testing efforts. You can gain this desirable transparency into your testing progress with customizable dashboards and advanced reporting such as: test results over different time periods and issues per requirement – all can be extremely beneficial when making most business decisions.

Improve Team Collaboration

The success of a team is mostly due to how well different members work together. Test management helps make sure the development and quality assurance teams are coordinated, as they can easily access each other’s testing resources as needed. This seamless connection allows for a clear understanding of the workflow and a complete clarity and better structure organization.

Improve Team Collaboration

Loose Unnecessary Mess

A test management tool can reduce duplication of data which traditionally occurs when requirements, issues, or bugs are managed in many different platforms or in a non-dedicated one. Managing all kinds of tests and overseeing issues in one centralized place ensures everyone – from testers, developers and QA directors to relevant analysts – are being presented with the same single view of the progress occurring.


A test management platform centralizes all QA processes, teams, and tools to bridge siloes, unify communication and enable one source of quality truth. Using the most suited for your business’ needs test management platform, you can make informed data-driven decisions based on end-to-end testing visibility, Improve your team’s productivity; plan better based on our AI-powered capabilities, and enable your team to focus on what really matters. It allows you to align your testing operation with business goals, and deliver better products, faster.

About PractiTest

PractiTest is an end-to-end SaaS test management platform that centralizes all your QA work, processes, teams and tools into one platform to bridge silos, unify communication, and enable one source of truth across your organization. With PractiTest you can make informed data-driven decisions based on end-to-end visibility provided by customizable reports, real-time dashboards, and dynamic filter views. Improve team’s productivity; reuse testing elements to eliminate repetitive tasks, plan your team’s work based on AI-generated insights and enable your team to focus on what really matters. PractiTest helps you align your testing operation with business goals, and deliver better products faster.

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