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Tech jobs: How to work efficiently from home as if you were in an office

Tech jobs: How to work efficiently from home as if you were in an office

In recent years, many companies have started to work with remote teams. In this working model, all members of a specific team work away from the office. Research shows that workers perform better than those who work together in the office.

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The advantages of working from home

Working in your pajamas, with your computer on the sofa. Sounds great, of course, but teams gain many more essential advantages from working from home.

No commuting

As you know, employees have to commute to work every day. Some even have to commute up to 3 hours every day. This time can be used differently than sitting in the car or on the train.

When a company allows its employees to work from home, it promotes the elimination of commuting, which gives them better flexibility and will be reflected in the dedication and productivity of the team’s efforts.

Increased productivity

People who work from home are more productive. Many times, employers fear that there are too many distractions (especially Netflix) at home. Still, employees tend to concentrate more easily and experience fewer distractions outside the office. Think of the huge, crowded offices where you need headphones to focus correctly. You don’t have that problem at home, do you?

Creating a strong company culture

If you’re well prepared, your team may work towards different goals.

That’s why a strong company culture is key for all remote teams. This culture will ensure everyone has a solid foundation from which they can work. This foundation consists of clear values and objectives. Even if communication is sometimes lacking, your team members will be able to hold down the fort.

When everyone works at a distance, building relationships will be more difficult. Never underestimate the social aspect of work – the happiness of your team members depends on it. That’s why you should make sure there are regular opportunities to get together in real life. This keeps everyone on the same page and establishes a connection that continues when everyone returns to their remote workspace.

Manage your team effectively.

When everything is planned, and your team is briefed, trust your employees to get the job done. Keeping a healthy distance is essential for the business, but it also helps team members to be more engaged and dedicated. That’s why working remotely is a great way to stimulate a sense of ownership. Trust is key.

Collaborate by email

Many teams around the world still work in Gmail or Outlook. It’s almost impossible to collaborate there. How many times have you been typing a reply to an email that a colleague has already replied to? Imagine how many times that happens when you work remotely. That’s why you should consider software that allows collaboration within a single inbox.

A good team inbox allows you to assign incoming emails to the right colleague or department easily. When a colleague has a question about a specific email, they don’t have to call or email you. It simply sends a chat message right below the email without the customer being able to see it.

Avoid inbox chaos with teams and labels

Do you receive a lot of messages every day? Invest time in organizing your inbox. You can do this by creating teams and tagging incoming messages.

Ensure each team has access to the correct inbox and receives all the right messages. This way, teams won’t have to sift through a pile of emails that are not relevant to their work.

Adding labels to conversations will further avoid inbox chaos. Add tags such as “complaint” or “request” to quickly find essential discussions.

Enable effective internal communication

Now that we’ve addressed customer communication, it’s time to address internal communication. Sending internal emails to colleagues could be more efficient, especially when the conversation goes on for a long time. Internal communication can cost a lot of valuable time in this way.

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