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3 Must-Have Workplace Tech Items to Improve Productivity

3 Must-Have Workplace Tech Items to Improve Productivity

Productivity in the office is something every business owner is hyper aware of and constantly trying to improve. The more productive the office is, the higher the profits can be. And while you may be used to the typical measures and advice on improving office productivity, what you may not have given thought to are the tech items that are currently being used. So let’s take a look at three must-have items that your office needs in order to improve its current level of productivity.

Examine the Current Software Being Used

One of the best places to start is with the software being used in the office. While it may have once served a purpose and been considered high-tech, over time it can become less and less useful and even obsolete.

This is why it’s so important to make it a habit to regularly analyze your current software and determine if it still meets the company’s needs. Even if this is done on a yearly basis, at least it ensures you can stay on top of things and don’t allow the software to become obsolete. The key is to act proactively rather than reactively.

There is also the fact that software is ever-evolving so there may be brand new options that didn’t even exist before.

Upgrade the Office Printer

For those offices that haven’t gone paperless, the office printer tends to be one of the more important tech items to have. Even if the office is paperless, there are bound to be some documents and files that still require a hard copy. This is exactly why it’s so important to stay up-to-date in terms of printer technology, as you want to be sure it’s compatible with the computers and software being used in the office. You also don’t want the headache of an unreliable printer, a slow printer, or one that constantly has paper jams and other issues.

When buying a printer there are some basic tips to follow that will help ensure you get exactly what the office needs in order to improve productivity. These tips include identifying what you need to be able to print, setting a budget, whether it is WiFi compatible, the cost of ink cartridges, the space you have available to set-up the printer, and what type of printer you want (inkjet vs laser).

Webcams to Fit with the Times

This past year has seen many office environments transition how they communicate with other departments and clients, moving to a more virtual platform in order to adhere to physical distancing and COVID-safety measures. And while the hope is that the pandemic gets under control this year, times have already changed and the Zoom meetings and calls have now made a lasting impact.

With that said, it may be time to invest in high-quality webcams for all workstations. These are much better quality than the built-in cameras in desktops and laptops, allowing for a sharper image.

Tech Can Transform the Office

At the end of the day, there are many ways to improve productivity in the office, but tech is something you certainly don’t want to overlook.

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