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Yearly Tax Preparation Services: Filing IT Returns [2024]

Yearly Tax Preparation Services: Filing IT Returns [2024]


Tax Preparation Services – If you’re a small business entity or an organization, you do require the services of a tax preparer that can assist in the process of filing yearly income tax returns, sales tax, property taxes, employee benefit taxes, and everything related to corporate and personal taxation. One such professional entity or individual can also assist in internal & external audits.

Therefore, you need to select a tax accountant who is qualified and fully certified for the role, as well as perfectly matches with your company requirements. But, the million dollar question is, how to find or locate one such tax preparer near you that can easily handle all your cumbersome paperwork and documentation, regarding filing of IT returns and preparing for an IRS audit. A financial marketplace like Ageras can easily help find a tax professional for your needs within minutes.

Ageras helps your business or organization get access to some of the leading tax preparers in your city in the US, and hire one that best suits the predefined role of tax preparation, income tax return filing & IRS audit preparation. Visit Ageras’ website and everything is explained in detail, on how to go about finding a certified personal tax accountant or a tax preparer near you within minutes.

Why Professional Help?

Tax Preparation Services – A yearly or bi-annual tax preparation is often conceived to be a complicated process, with lots of tax rules, guidelines and regulations. And, with professional assistance, the whole process of preparing and filing IT returns with the concerned government department becomes a cakewalk. In the US, corporate tax is a diverse field and broad area, where professional help is always required for any individual or a business entity.

This is exactly when the services of a tax preparer is needed that can help in filing returns with the government department, by preparing a tax book or ledger. And, partners like “Ageras” have been helping local entities spread across the United States find a professional and certified tax preparer for all their business needs.

How to Find a Tax Preparer near You?

To find a ‘tax preparer near me’ simply visit Ageras, which happens to be one of the leading business accounting, audit & taxation marketplaces. Upon submitting your details regarding your business type and specific job needed, you’re provided with three ‘no obligation’ quotes within 48 hours, to compare.

You can easily choose the best taxes preparer near me or anyone that you think perfectly matches all your criteria and job specifications. The quotes of tax preparers are specially sorted, selected and shortlisted by matching the information provided by you in the online form. It’s that easy!

What Exactly is Tax Preparation?

Filing a yearly tax return with the government is quite a bit of a challenge and daunting task. Not just for ordinary citizens, but for corporate entities too. This is solely because taxation rules are constantly evolving and changing over the years. So, you must be aware of all the new taxation rules & guidelines.

Therefore, the need for the services of a tax preparer is strongly felt when you’ve invested in a property, bought or sold a house, work abroad and earned taxable income in foreign currency or when your company has sales tax and income tax files. It is exactly when you need a certified and professional tax preparer to look into all your yearly income and expenses, thereafter filing a report.

This particular report forms the base of any tax preparation, which is eventually required in filing IT returns with the state treasury or income tax department. If an organization or a business has employees and offers salaries, pay hikes, monetary rewards, cash prizes and financial benefits to them, the role of a tax preparer here is to clarify all the records and maintain the details of financial transactions. All these are mentioned clearly while filing IT returns.

Moreover, tax preparers and personal tax accountants assist their clients in completing or filing their tax forms. With a thorough understanding of the US tax laws, one such business accounting firm looks into the client’s personal information like social security number (SSN), bills, invoices, records and financial statements that helps in easy tax preparation.

Help in Preparing for a Tax Return Filing

Tax Preparation Services – The exact role of a tax preparer is to prepare tax returns for individuals, business organizations, non-profit or non-government entities, etc. under the able guidance of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). A tax preparer also assists personal tax accountants in managing and filing IT returns for complex businesses and non-profit organizations.

It is done by maintaining a clear and accurate record of all the financial dealings, transactions, income and expenses which help in providing the most accurate information in the IT return form. One such tax preparation professional also goes on to check the tax file of the previous financial year and find any missing or incomplete information.

Today, advanced accounting software is used for preparing tax return files. One such accounting firm or professional also works as a tax advisor, making strategies within the law for minimizing your taxes and maximizing your profits. A professional tax preparer is one who can evaluate your tax liabilities and offer a credible solution, by keeping within the boundaries of law.

Who Requires Tax Preparation?

Almost all small to midsize business entities and organizations that make profits, earn a revenue, have a decent employee strength or staff and generate bills, statements, invoices, incomes and expenses need the service of a professional tax preparer or an accountant. Not just business owners but individuals too require the services of a tax preparer to calculate and file income tax returns.

Here, we’re not talking about large scale enterprises or companies, because they have a dedicated in-house accounts department that looks into all matters related to taxation, IRS audits, bookkeeping, payroll services, tax preparation and more. Mainly the small to midsize business entities are the ones that look forward to the services of a tax preparer near them that can offer cost-effective, yet credible business accounting and taxation solutions.


The services of a tax preparer becomes quintessential for all types of companies, firms, enterprises, organizations and individuals that earn a taxable income and perform monetary dealings and financial transactions on a daily basis. A tax preparation agency helps such entities prepare and file their yearly income tax returns in a hassle-free manner. This is how it works.

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