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4 Ideas To Spice Up Your Living Room With These Trendy Ideas

4 Ideas To Spice Up Your Living Room With These Trendy Ideas

Spice Up Your Living Room

Want to make the most out of your living space? If foot traffic is to be judged, the living room is actually the area that gets the second-most out of it. Of course, the kitchen is first. This means that your living area should be a space that can take the brunt of this traffic, without sacrificing style.

In this article, we’ve collated five of the trendiest ideas to remake the look of your living space. From a fresh coat of paint to a new perspective in wall art, there are numerous ways to spice things up in the living room. So without further ado, let out your tools from the garage, and let’s get the mini renovations going!

1.  Choose furniture that reflects your character

Your living room should reflect the characters that are actually living in that space. Choosing living room furniture that’s cookie-cutter and functional just because I won’t cut it anymore. Ask your family members what they want to see in the living room. Take notes, then edit. If they want food storage in space, then why not?

In your living room, make the people feel comfortable and relaxed as this will be the place that your family, friends or even guests will hangout.

2.  Get organizers

One of the most straightforward ways to keep any of your living spaces clean and organized is by getting organizers. It does not matter what organizers you choose – cubbies, transparent boxes, or floating niche walls – the idea is to make the space tidy. A clean-looking aesthetic is a good foundational aesthetic. Always keep that in mind.

As much as possible, if you want to keep some plastic storage baskets in the living room, arrange them in a way that doubles as a style choice. How you place these storage baskets should be deliberate, intentional, and should look like they’re there for a reason. One of the most effective ways to do it is by placing them on an open dresser with lighting – a sort of museum-style presentation.

3.  Abstract is the way to go

Abstract paintings, wall decor, or even pieces and trinkets you can put on the interesting table and conversation starters are a great way to add intrigue to your living room. For most houses, a living room is a place to entertain guests, gather as a family, meet up with friends, etc. In these activities, it’s important to keep the space as pristine as it can be.

Don’t get us wrong, a lived-in aesthetic certainly brings in a homey-vibe. But there’s also something to be said about keeping your living room as presentable as it can be. Don’t cross the line of making it look sloppy. So negating that, add abstract pieces all over the space. Start on pillow prints, then proceed with abstract paintings. If you’re feeling bold, you can repaint one side of the wall with an interesting pattern.

4.  Florals aren’t just for spring

While a clean and sleek living room design is favored by movers and shakers in the industry, at the turn of the decade, having more personality and direction on living spaces is becoming the norm. Eclectic pieces and boho-chic looks are in. Mix and match, and don’t be afraid to keep the colors coming.

Floral prints are a great way to take the overall feel of your living room to the next level. A great way to incorporate it is through actual greenery in the living room. One or two perennials in the living room will instantly make it cozy and interesting. Adding a floral print accent pillow on rattan pieces will take it to the next level!

Sometimes, the more elements you add, the better looking the space will be

Don’t be afraid to experiment with materials, textures, and natural elements. There’s no shame in a living room looking like a mish-mash of styles. In fact, it’s fun and gives your space personality! A minimalist-looking living room is so 2000s, and it’s an unsustainable trend as well, so add in new pieces to your heart’s content!


If you live in a small space, having a great-looking living room means the difference between coming home to relax from a hard day’s work and coming home to find more stress. In this fast-paced society we’re living in, there’s definitely something to be said about an organized, relaxing, and conducive living room. Make the most out of yours today by heeding the tricks above!

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