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Some of the Best Smartwatches to Buy [2024]

Some of the Best Smartwatches to Buy [2024]


Best Smartwatches – Getting a smartwatch is now more of a need than a want. There are a lot of things that a smartwatch can do such as keeping your health in check, making calls directly without you having to take out your phone, sending texts, and even using your social media on your watch. To make use of most of these features, you need to connect your smartwatch to an internet connection that is fast enough for you to use these apps flawlessly.

For that matter, you should look into Windstream internet prices since it is easy on your pockets and gives you access to a brilliant internet connection. Once you make sure your internet connection is great enough, here are some smartwatches you should keep in mind when you are going to shop for one:

Citizen Second Generation CZ Smart

There was a time when Citizen only used to make analog watches and their watches were famous all over the world, despite the company taking its roots from Japan. The Second Generation CZ Smart was introduced that uses Artificial Intelligence or AI technology in its watches. Something like you would see in Spiderman with all the tech created by Tony Stark. The smartwatch also gives you an in-depth analysis of your health and can help you stay fit.

The smartwatch has collaborated with IBM Watson Studio and NASA Ames Research Center so that the watch could be able to recognize early signs of fatigue in the person wearing the watch. When it comes to the processor, it has a Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor and 8GB of storage, making it able to store all your favorite songs on Spotify. The watch is also capable of measuring your heart rate sensor and it can also see if your body is pumping Oxygen at a healthy rate.

Apple Watch Series 8

Another very popular smartwatch that you can get for yourself. This watch is a bit different from the rest in the sense that it can sense if you are involved in a car crash and it can also measure your body temperature through sensors, something that most smartwatches are not capable of doing. The Series 8 also has a superior battery life than its predecessors, giving it more juice before it runs out and you have to recharge it. It is also able to give you even more accurate predictions than the Series 7, which makes this one a must-have.

However, the Series 8 looks very much like the Series 7, which is kind of a drawback since it makes it hard to determine whether the watch is a Series 8 or 7. Other than that, every other feature is at the top of its game and you should definitely consider getting this if you already have an iPhone.

Google Pixel Watch

How could it be possible that the Apple Watch wouldn’t have a direct contender? That is where the Pixel Watch kicks in, which is designed by Google itself. This smartwatch also has a lot of health sensors such as a heart rate sensor and even a sensor that can measure blood Oxygen levels. You may also use this smartwatch to keep track of your health and fitness so that you could meet that fitness goal you always wanted to. However, the battery isn’t really as good as you would anticipate it to be. If you have a tendency of using smartwatches too often, you would see that you have to charge this one nearly every day, which itself is exhausting.

If you are on a strict budget and want a watch that is good enough to compete with the Apple Watch, then this is the one to go for!

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

If you are an Android user then no smartwatch could be better than the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. There is more durability in the screen, which makes it a very safe bet to get even if the smartwatch somehow falls. Not only is this smartwatch equipped with the ability to track your health and fitness such as your heart rate and your blood oxygen level but it also has a feature known as the sleep coach, which can help you rest and sleep better.

This allows your body to grow and regenerate as fast as it can. If you keep your watch’s Always On display enabled and use it, its battery can last you more than a day. Turning off the Always On display can improve the battery life.

Wrapping Up

Getting a smartwatch isn’t really a luxury anymore, it is more of an investment. Smartwatches give you a lot of perks and convenience which make them a must-have. We hope this list really makes it easier for you to decide which smartwatch you should get for yourself.

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