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5 Important Things Startups Need To Know Before They Go For Software Monetization

5 Important Things Startups Need To Know Before They Go For Software Monetization


  • Are you a startup entrepreneur who is looking to maximize the revenue generation capabilities of your tech product?
  • Do you know how to ensure the security and safety of your software, while improving its monetization?
  • Have you experimented with industry-leading software monetization solutions for your product or service app?

Every startup is always on the lookout for maximizing their sources of revenue. They want to explore new channels and form partnerships with third-party vendors to create a new stream of revenue flow.

However, in their quest to generate revenue, they often end up compromising on the safety and security of their app or website. It is important that startups prioritise the interests of their customers, and go for a credible software monetization option, which does not compromise on the user experience.

What do you mean by Software Monetization?

In very simple terms, software monetization refers to the process of using your intellectual property (app) to create profit by allowing users and other third-party vendors to use it in exchange for a certain price. It should be pointed out that app software is one of the most important ownerships of a company, and in many cases, is their only source of income.

In such a scenario, it is important that the security of the software or the data privacy of different individuals are not compromised under any circumstances. Many companies use their platforms to enable tech support and allow third-party vendors to show advertisements in order to generate revenues.

While it is the content or the utility of the company’s product or service, which draws customers, it is the selling of app space, which helps in generating profits and revenue.

5 Important things startups need to pay attention to before considering monetization:

According to software development companies like Infatica, the following are the five important things, which need to be considered before going for a software monetization program.

  1. What kind of Software Monetization solution you want

Depending on the specific needs of your organization, you can go for multiple forms of software monetization. These can be either cloud-based solutions or hardware-based solutions. Cloud solutions do not require the use of physical hardware such as dongles.

  1. Price considerations are very important

Sometimes it is very difficult to set the right price when it comes to your monetization. Between licensing, usage scenarios, agreements and price bargains, setting the right price can become a very difficult process. This, in turn, can lead to losses for the company.

  1. How Software Packaging is going to work

Software developers need to think about how packaging the software can help them generate more revenues through software monetization. This means whether they should go for a Suite solution, individual products, or different licenses and upgrades, etc.

  1. Promoting the best User Experience

Software developers need to realise the users are the most important piece of the jigsaw puzzle. In other words, whatever software monetization solution one is going for, it has to be in line with engaging and attractive user experience.

  1. Paying attention to Data and Privacy Concerns

There have been many incidents in the past when software monetization solutions have led to the breaching of user data. It is important that companies work with credible and well-established solution providers and other third-party apps.


Software companies invest a lot of time, money, and effort into creating the best app or website for their customers. In order to keep improving the platforms, revenue is needed, which can be generated by using the best software monetization solutions.

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