Modern hackers are taking stealthy control of social media accounts in this fast-paced world. Without your knowledge, your account might be compromised at any time. Data suggests that the near-constant rate of hacking attempts on your computer is 39 seconds on average.

Basically, with the internet and devices, you are not safe at all. Additionally, non-secure usernames and passwords are making life easy for hackers to increase their success rate. Well, to be prepared in such cases, you need to know the basics of hacking. If we become aware of the facts and facets going around regarding hacking, we will be able to keep our data safer than before.

However, people still fall into scams and lose their privacy to hackers. In this advanced world, nothing is impossible for hackers. In the face of advanced technologies, giant social media companies are also failing. For instance, 200 million Twitter users are exposed.

Can you imagine! It’s Twitter! Yes, and all those usernames and email addresses were hacked by some hacker who troubled the same platform dated back in 2021. Unfortunately, it may lead to doxing and phishing for many people.

Signs To Identify Social Media Accounts Hacked

Though the database released by the hackers did not reveal any password, it is obvious that the users are prone to threat. That’s why, suggested by CyberGhost, it is important to build a random reliable password.

So, our main priority will be to keep our data as safe as possible. Well, it’s easy to tell but hard to resist the mysterious scams.

However, knowing the signs of your social media account being hacked is imperative. If you are prominent with the reasons, it will be easier for you to find the solutions.

The quicker you know, the faster you recover, and that is how it works.

So, let’s look at some prominent signs of an account which is hacked.

  • Let’s say, one morning, suddenly, you see that you are logged out of your Facebook account automatically. After that, you input the password, and it’s not logging in. Well, then, your social media account is already hacked.
  • In another instance, your friend might ask you by calling why you are posting unusual content on your social media timeline. This means the hacker is doing it on your account. You might be in great danger if you are engaged with some popular pages.
  • Your known content on social media may report some unusual messages which you have not done.
  • You may also check your login information, like devices and locations, to understand if your account has been hacked.
  • You are not responsible for an unusual increase in the number of followers and friends.

Apart from these signs, suspicious activity on business pages and emails notifying unauthorized access to your social media account are some prominent signs of hacking.

Measure To Take To Recover From The Breach

After you have gone through the particular signs, it’s time to fix your problem and get rid of the hacks.

These below-mentioned tips can help you in recovering your account and also be safe & secure in the future.

Change The Password Immediately

When you see some unusual content in your account or some other signs mentioned above, you can simply try and change your social media account password on an immediate attempt.

Changing your password immediately will help you to get rid of the hacker from using your account anymore.

Contact The Platform And Let Them Fix It

Don’t hesitate to contact the particular social media platform authority and let them understand your situation. They will surely get you some help that you need.

They might deactivate your account suddenly to avoid further damage done by the hacker or can free your account from them.

Notify Your Contacts And Followers

As you are in a social circle, it’s your responsibility to let your contacts and followers know about your situation.

Texting them, calling them, or even posting on another social media platform you are using may help them restrict any misunderstanding.

Delete All Unusual And Offensive Content

After you receive your account from the hacker, it’s time to delete all the unusual contents from your timeline.

Sometimes it may take time, but you have to do it for your own good.

Restore The Lost Data

Last but not least, try to restore all data of your account from the platform and then try to keep it safe.

Use Two-Factor Authentication and be anonymous from hackers. You can also try and download your data and activities from the platform from time to time.

Through these exact steps, you will get prominence to a secure account. So, follow these and be safe.