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Fast and secure payments with Blik

Fast and secure payments with Blik

BLIK, a payment method that originated in Poland, has revolutionized the way payments are made in the online space, including online gambling platforms. This article will delve into the intricacies of the BLIK payment method, exploring its payment process, the variety of services available for payment, and its security features. Given its relevance in the online gambling industry, understanding BLIK is crucial for players and operators alike.

The Emergence of BLIK

BLIK emerged in Poland in 2015 as a mobile payment system. It was created by the Polish Payment Standard, a consortium of six Polish banks. Its inception was a response to the growing need for a fast, secure, and easy-to-use mobile payment solution. BLIK’s uniqueness lies in its integration with existing bank applications, making it a convenient option for users with bank accounts in participating Polish banks.

The Payment Process of BLIK

The process of making a payment with BLIK is straightforward and user-friendly, involving the following steps:

  1. Mobile Banking App Integration: To use BLIK, users must have a mobile banking application installed on their smartphone. BLIK is integrated within these apps.
  2. Generating a BLIK Code: When a user wishes to make a payment, they select the BLIK option in their banking app. The app generates a unique, 6-digit BLIK code.
  3. Using the BLIK Code: This code is then entered in the payment field of the online service or merchant’s payment page. For offline payments, the code can be entered into payment terminals or provided to the cashier.
  4. Transaction Authorization: The transaction is authenticated within the user’s banking app, often requiring additional security measures like a PIN or fingerprint verification.
  5. Completion of Payment: Once verified, the payment is processed immediately. The funds are transferred from the user’s bank account to the merchant or service provider.

Services Available for Payment with BLIK

BLIK can be used for a variety of services, making it a versatile payment method:

  • Online Shopping: Many e-commerce platforms accept BLIK, allowing for quick and secure transactions.
  • Bill Payments: Utilities, phone bills, and other regular payments can be made easily using BLIK.
  • Online Gambling: BLIK is increasingly popular in online casinos and betting platforms, particularly in Poland.
  • Peer-to-Peer Transfers: BLIK allows for quick transfers between individuals, useful for splitting bills or sending money to friends.
  • ATM Withdrawals: Users can withdraw cash from ATMs using a BLIK code, without needing a physical card.

Stanisław Szymański recently has made a research about blik payments in Poland. It offers a secure and efficient way to deposit funds in online casinos. Its top advantages include:

  • Speed: BLIK transactions are processed instantly, allowing players to start gaming immediately.
  • Security: Enhanced by one-time codes and bank-level encryption, ensuring safe transactions.
  • Convenience: Integrated with banking apps for easy access.
  • Privacy: Keeps financial details away from casino sites.
  • Control: Helps manage spending, as it’s directly linked to the user’s bank account.

BLIK’s simplicity and security make it ideal for online gambling deposits.
In summary was mentioned: Kasyno online Blik to dobra opcja zarówno dla nowych klientów, jak i doświadczonych graczy w Polsce. Szybki proces wpłaty i bezpieczeństwo płatności to

zalety, które odróżniają Blik od większości zwykłych metod płatności online.

Security Features of BLIK

Security is a paramount concern for any payment method, and BLIK addresses this with several features:

  1. Time-Limited Codes: Each BLIK code is valid for only a few minutes, minimizing the risk of unauthorized use.
  2. Single-Use Codes: Each code can only be used once, further enhancing security.
  3. Two-Step Verification: Transactions typically require additional authentication through the user’s banking app.
  4. Encryption and Data Protection: BLIK adheres to strict data protection regulations, ensuring user data is encrypted and securely stored.
  5. Bank-Level Security: Since BLIK is integrated with banking apps, it benefits from the banks’ existing security protocols.


BLIK stands out as a payment method due to its simplicity, speed, and security. Its integration with bank apps and the generation of unique, time-limited codes make it a safe option for online transactions, including in the online gambling sector.

As the digital payment landscape continues to evolve, BLIK’s model could inspire similar systems worldwide, offering a glimpse into the future of mobile payments.

For users and business alike, understanding and leveraging the benefits of BLIK can lead to more efficient and secure transactions.

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