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Small Business Digital Technologies Crossover [2024]

Small Business Digital Technologies Crossover [2024]


Small Business Digital Technologies – Digital technologies have opened a world of possibilities and opportunities not only to big enterprises but also small businesses. According to the New York Times, the start-ups are booming, and it seems that the world of corporate jobs that last a lifetime is over. In the United States alone, more than 4.3 Americans filed paperwork to start their own businesses. With such a boom, it is only natural to wonder where the catch is, and what benefits can entrepreneurs reap from the digitization process.

No one knows it better than Aleksandra Maj. The charming editor-in-chief of one of the most popular online gaming sites in Europe knows all the ups and downs of running a small business, as well as the possibilities digital technologies lay in front of us. Her everyday job is finding a way to lead users to read her articles, such as the one you can find on this link

“There is a wind of change in the air”, says Maj whimsically and continues in a more serious tone, “For my parents’ generation, or Boomers if you like, the only life worth living was one provided by a safe and secure job position. Daily commuting, working 9 to 5, and slow but steady progress were the only things worth considering.”. As a Millennial, Maj and many of her peers had a different idea of life. She says that nowadays, the working force is more oriented towards postmodernist values.

Postmodern Values and Digitalization

Maj explains how the new generations have seen more and experienced more uncertainties than their parents. From the big economic crisis in 2008 to the Covid pandemic, the only thing that is constant in their lives is – uncertainty. Also, their experiences have been molded by rapidly changing technologies, and a high level of acceptance of the world as a global village.

“People who are now in their 30s want more freedom, flexibility, and brands that work with their moral values. In addition to that, they want to read first-hand reviews and enjoy all sorts of goods and experiences in the comfort of their own homes. This is where digitalization comes to the spotlight”, says Maj.

In her opinion, digitalization helps connect small businesses with targeted audiences more than ever before. Thanks to it, even brands and businesses with small or literally no marketing budget can easily find their audience. Skillful narratives, modern values that advocate for equality, sustainability, and fair business practices, custom-made products, and a person-to-person approach on all levels, make small businesses and digital tech a match made in heaven. We asked Maj if she can provide us with an example.

“Sure! I have a friend who makes hand-made soaps with natural ingredients, developed for skin with blemishes. 90% of her clients come from the fun and colorful Instagram account she runs on her own. Another friend of mine makes flutes out of wood coming from his grandfather’s forest somewhere in the Balkans. You would have thought that no one has an interest in such instruments, yet that guy works only by the word of mouth and lives, well not like a king, but definitely a count”, reveals our digital expert. People are not afraid to try out new possibilities and different options that might bring them money – it can be everything from promoting your own DIY projects to even earning on gaming.

Alternatives to Mainstream Marketing and Employment Practices

By providing us with these examples, Maj also reveals one contributing factor to the romantic relationship between entrepreneurship and digitalization. Digital technologies significantly reduce advertising costs, reach a wider audience, and open doors that would have been closed just a decade or so ago.

In addition to that, there are different apps and sites that unite people and nurture a collaborative approach. Maj says how doing business with delivery services such as Glovo or Wolt, or even Uber, which are all highly digitalized, help reduce delivery costs. Also, specialized communities on Reddit, Facebook, and other platforms generate successful partnerships. But this is not the only way the change happens.

“Just today, I asked some people in my Facebook group if there is a graphic designer available. Last month, I did the free editing for a website run by a girl in my neighborhood, in exchange for an ad. The employment practices are changing. Digital nomads, freelancers, people who work on a short-term basis are more in-demand than ever”, Maj is honest and adds jokingly, “Why buy the whole cow when you can have a gallon of milk?”


Small Business Digital Technologies – Digital technologies and social media platforms made brands more accessible, but also more vulnerable than ever. Small businesses that value every customer reap the benefits of their efforts as they appreciate every customer, and are more flexible in adjusting their practices. If this trend continues, there is a high chance that individuals who rely on the digital will be the ones who rule the world.

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