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What is a Desktop Support Technician

What is a Desktop Support Technician

Desktop Support Technician

The IT support team takes care of second-level IT questions that help desks cannot answer. It includes technical questions about software, troubleshooting server errors, or performing application administration tasks. This kit is useful when a problem arises to correct a mistake, restore a data file, or other advanced tasks.

An IT help desk is a controller that deals with primary, non-technical questions. They mainly handle simple queries or problems related to registering an account or resetting your passwords, application support, answer basic questions. In most cases, these cases get resolved quickly, and consumers get their questions answered easily. As they deal with fundamental issues, little or no technical knowledge is required.

Today, new age digital service desktops are used to provide comprehensive support. An efficient service desk keeps people, processes, and technology in sync for operational efficiency. The evolution of your serving table to a New Age digital serving table has become a mandate for the modern digital enterprise. They mostly contain artificial intelligence and can provide consistent customer experience and reduce the workload of service desk staff with on-the-spot responses and automation of mundane tasks. Which effectively minimize ticket volume, time waiting time, and the average service resolution time.

Job description

The job description for desktop support technician is

  • Maintaining and testing security, blocking unapproved access.
  • To maintain the Organization’s computer system to meet specific business goals.
  • Monitoring daily computer performance.
  • Update and maintain the computer record and equipment.
  • To maintain a plan for the prevention of unexpected failures.
  • Resolve issues on LAN/WAN, VoIP telephone, biometric, AV systems connections.
  • Ensure desktop computers interconnection flawlessly with different systems keeping in mind for compatibility factors.
  • Coordinate with vendors to resolve technical problems with desktop computing equipment and software.
  • Endorse and apply upgrades to systems to make sure durability.
  • To manage user accounts and permissions to access a network.
  • Assess functional needs to regulate system purchase specifications.
  • Solve hardware and network connectivity issues
  • Support in testing and use of new applications and systems.
  • Train the staff about hardware and software usage.

Skills required

Desktop Support Technician jobs require computer knowledge, but not a degree. Professionals who have taken some computer-related courses are often skilled. For the post of a computer support technician, most of the employers accept professionals with an associate’s degree. However, a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, and related subjects will be preferred.


Apart from a graduation degree in computer  science, the certifications required are as follows:

  • CompTIA A+/ Network+, Microsoft, and Cisco certifications.
  • MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional)
  • MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert)
  • MCDST (Microsoft certified desktop support technician)
  • HDI – Desktop Support Technician Certifications


The average Desktop Support salary in the United States ranges between $47,774 and $60,479. Salary ranges depend on many significant factors, including certifications, education, additional skills, and years of experience.


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