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Sharing HEIC Files: Why Your Friends Can’t Open Your Photos

Sharing HEIC Files: Why Your Friends Can’t Open Your Photos

For many of you, taking pictures is a real pleasure. The desire for professional and high-quality photography also requires investing in cameras, lenses, lenses, and additional equipment that make your pleasure even greater and more real. Equipment is the key to getting real high-quality photos which are often saved in HEIC format.

Often, lovers of quality photography are here to help their friends come up with perfect photos of themselves, their loved ones, or great masterpieces of natural beauty and landscapes. However the problem arises when they cannot open the photos in HEIC format. Why does it happen and how to overcome it? We talk more in the sequel.

Why can’t your friends open HEIC files?

You have a situation where you take beautiful photos, with great resolution, and perfect colors, and they capture the best moments of an event that are important to your friends, and in the end – they can’t open them because they are in HEIC format. But there is a reason behind the whole problem. The reason, first of all, can be an outdated version of the Windows operating system, which must be Windows 10 or a later version. If that’s okay, they need to download extensions, but there is an easier way. Why don’t you or your friends convert the files to JPEG format?

There is a solution to help open HEIC files

If you thought there was no solution and that was it, files can still be opened differently. There is an option to convert photos using . This process is too easy and fast. All you need is to upload the photos in HEIC formaHEIC to JPG convertert using the converter, wait about 1 minute for them to convert to JPG format, and then download them. This can be done by your friends or you because it is easy, and fast and the quality of the photo is maintained.

Will converting HEIC photos lose quality?

Of course, it will not be lost. Any type of photo, even the most professional ones with colors, filters, and additional processing, in the end, if saved in JPEG format will be of high quality. The JPEG format is recognized on every computer and every operating system, and you can also have the photos in this format on your smartphone, so you will make the process as easy as possible, and the quality will remain the same.

Is the JPEG format the best solution?

JPEG format is the best choice for you when converting HEIC photos because you can get the photos intact in less than 1 minute using HEIC photos to JPG converter. The process is easy, simple, and fast, and will allow you to get masterpieces in a short time with perfect quality.

Although at first glance it seems like there is no solution, even when it comes to High Efficiency Image File Format a solution can be found. You only need to convert your HEIC file to JPG format and your friends will have great photos that will retain their quality and beauty, but also keep their memories for a lifetime.

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