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User Experience Should Dictate Your SEO Strategy [2024]

User Experience Should Dictate Your SEO Strategy [2024]

Why User Experience Should Dictate Your SEO Strategy

Your SEO strategy can have a major impact on your business. That’s why the world spends around $380 billion on digital marketing each year. But, you need to have the right strategy. In 2024, think about how you can put user experience at the heart of your marketing campaigns. Here are three reasons why digital marketing needs to be centered around user experience.

Every Platform Prioritizes User Experience

Algorithms are changing at a rapid rate. Google alone has to deal with 5.6 billion searches per day. To do this, it uses over 200 different factors to rank websites. It’s not just Google, though. It’s Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and even some email inboxes. Every platform has a unique algorithm that you need to get on top of.

However, there’s one factor that they all have in common: user experience. In the past, sites were judged on keywords and backlinks. Nowadays, user experience is the priority. Artificial intelligence is constantly figuring out how much users enjoy interacting with your content. If their enjoyment levels are high, you’ll be rewarded on all platforms.

User Experience Affects Everything Else

Users demand speed and usability. If a website is even slightly awkward to use, then visitors will quickly leave and find something better. Unfortunately, this leads to a terrible bounce rate, which in turn damages your rank on Google and other platforms. On the other hand, user-friendly sites will be visited more often, for longer, and shared more frequently.

Therefore, if you focus all of your attention on user experience, this will create a knock-on effect for other areas of your website. Google doesn’t just examine your website but, instead, collects data on how users interact with it. That’s how ranking decisions are made nowadays.

SEO Agencies are Placing More Emphasis on Experience

Follow the experts if you want to know how SEO trends are shifting. SEO agencies are increasingly focusing on user experience. That’s not to say that keywords and backlinks don’t remain important, but they’re not everything. Aesthetics and usability are now starting to become more prominent.

Find a local expert to help you test your site. For instance, Australian-based businesses should search online for SEO Sydney services. This will help you work more closely with an agency to determine the best design for attracting local users. In addition, a nearby agency will understand the local market to regularly test your site and give you instant feedback on how well it works.

It should now be clear why user experience has to be your priority when planning a digital marking strategy. First and foremost, it’s because this is the factor prioritized by the algorithms of all platforms. Secondly, it has the most wide-ranging impact on other factors. Finally, it’s the component that marketing agencies are focusing on more than ever. Contact a local digital marketing firm to get help with optimizing your site’s user experience.

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