The role of the software in every industry is very vital to the smooth running of the business of the day. The is the need to carry out development projects in this area and the best way to carry out that in a clinical form is through Scrum Framework. This is the solution that will take care of all the obstacles on the way with the ability to track the progress made over a discreet period in time.

There are prospects in this notch; if you are into software development or you are the CEO of a product interested in broadening your scope of knowledge, and then you have to go for a Scrum Master certification. What do you need to become one? This is the objective of this article and we are going to take you through the entire process right from scratch. 

The General Process

If you wanted to be the Scrum Master for your team or you are interested in improving on your profile; you have to master all the scrum responsibilities involved in the entire scrum framework and go on to master the subtleties of the role as it is related to the framework so that you will be in the best position to help out your team get the best out of Scrum.

You have to master your responsibilities in each process of the framework and go on to master the professional role that you are expected to play as a Scrum master to the rest of the team. It will be your responsibility to educate the members of the team on how best they can make the best out of the time invested in the project.

After you have gone through the processes above and the scrum framework is now in full swing; it will be your responsibility as the leader to ensure that things work out in perfect fashion. If errors come up along the line, it will be your responsibility to sort things out and set the framework on the path that leads to success.

Enough of the details that you are going to be involved in while you are in charge of the process; now, let us look at what is involved in getting certified as a pro if you wanted to add this certification to your existing profile:

The first step

There are several scrum certifications available. The first step is to determine the area that you want to major in and go for such. However, in choosing any among the available options, the best that will suit your purpose if you are into gainful employment is the one that related to your role in the industry. It is important to note that there are options that are tailored towards developers (CSD) as well as options that are meant for product owners (CSPO).

The Scrum Framework

After you have decided on the certification that fits into your portfolio, you have to familiarize yourself with the framework that is involved. Take your time to read through and master the fundamentals of the skills and aims at the heart of the concept. You must get yourself acquainted with recommended reading materials that will help you during the course. There are new takes on product development and management which you had never come across before; hence the need for you to get yourself in tune with this process.

A scrum master course/seminar

Now that you have gotten to know some of the details involved, you can now go online and search for a seminar or course that has to do with scrum. If you are to get the best out of the exercise, then you should as a matter of necessity enrolls in an institute that has what it takes to deliver the best results. Institutes that have industry experts as the instructors will deliver the best benefits that will give you something to cheer. The course takes a total of 16hrs over two days.

Your certification exam

If you are seriously ready to get certified in the notch, then you have to register for your certification within 90 days of your attending the course. You have to pass through a test of your knowledge of the terrain before you can be awarded a Scrum Master (CSM). You must be prepared and ready before going for the exam. When you are ready within the 90 days time frame, you can go to the link online to signify your intention for the exams.

An exam code will be sent to you upon successful registration and you will have the luxury of taking the exams online entirely on your own terms.

The testing and certification fees

You will be required to cough out the mandatory testing and certification fees. You can do the payment alongside your registration for the exams. Payment can be done online through any of the links that are designed for such purposes online.

You can now study for the exams

The standard exam has its focus on key principles and practices which are related to the scrum interface. You have to study to pass the exams. There are repeat questions, so going through past questions on the subject matter might be of valuable help.

The exams proper

At this stage, you are now ready to face the exams which consist of 50 multiple-choice questions that are within the framework of a scrum. You can take the exams whenever you are good to go by visiting the link online designed for that and following the instructions. Register your email as well as your exam access code and the question swill pop up on your screen. The success rate is around 98%. That is all that is required to become the certified professional. With that done, you are now a qualified scrum master who can hold his heads high in the notch.


When you have gotten your certification as a scrum master, you are expected to renew such after two years after certification. There are great opportunities in this notch for qualified professionals because they are in hot demand in the market. While others are chasing the jobs, the reverse is the case with every certified pro because the job will be looking for you. The opportunities are limitless in this sector and it forms a perfect way of improving on your CV.

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