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How to Ensure Robust Data Centre Operations in Times of Crisis

How to Ensure Robust Data Centre Operations in Times of Crisis

Robust Data Centre Operations

The business world has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and in this new arena, data centre companies are required to play a big role in redeveloping economies and meeting the new expectations of organizations. The present crisis situation has made digital adoption mandatory and most enterprises have shifted to using remote working and telecommuting solutions. This has increased the demand for technology products and data centre operations need to cater to and support this need.

Change Indicators

In a lot of companies, most employees are currently working from home. The Indian government has implemented many e-governance programs which are speeding up digital adoption. Plus, the focus on good healthcare – from the government as well as individuals – is boosting the development of system and technology capabilities. The government’s Smart Cities plan is also sprucing up infrastructure and technology.

To meet these changes and challenges, data centre operations need to quickly measure their clients’ evolving needs and ramp up their existing infrastructure to support the rising data economy.

Post-lockdown Business Measures

Companies have been forced to adopt new productivity enhancements and meet a range of regulations after the lockdowns. To cater to this changing dynamic, data centre companies need to focus and redefine their strategies.

Upgrading Network Servers

Apart from bolstering physical security, data centre operations need to ensure data security and privacy by upgrading to advanced network servers. Since video conferencing solutions are being widely used, the demand for bandwidth and reduced latency and stutter has increased, requiring greater processing power.

Support Faster Launches

Businesses are facing high overhead costs and margin pressures. Therefore, to remain successful, they need to release their services and products faster in the market. Data centre operations are thus expected to support this important client need by providing the needed secure data storage and backup services.

Boost Storage Capacities

Increased digital adoption means more data is generated. The IDC reports that the global datasphere’s size will rise to 175 ZB by the year 2025. To handle these new workloads, data centre operations will be required to expand their data storage amenities and rack capacities.

Reinvent their Operations

To help clients with digital transformation and adoption, data centre operations will need to look at new aspects and refine their methods and approach. The changed economy requires data centre firms to develop new solutions, enhance customer support infrastructure, concentrate on brand development, and focus on meeting clients’ needs. They need to consider expanding their target markets and address new audiences to grow business.

Support Human Resources

As a big percentage of employees have started working remotely, companies expect their data centre providers to offer the needed support to them by strengthening their technical capabilities. Data centre operations and firms therefore need to foster a culture of client satisfaction and establish efficient decision-making frameworks to meet these challenges.

Provide a Flexible and Scalable Infrastructure

Data centre companies will need to build their infrastructure and facilities so they can offer flexibility and scale to their customers. After doing that, they can sell their services to both organizations with a big customer base as well those that cater to niche markets to gain an edge over competitors.

Today’s changing and challenging business and economic environments offer new opportunities to companies including data centre operations. They need to move early to catch the worm. Data centre firms are thus required to play a huge role and should aim to realign their processes to meet new client expectations and also contribute to the task of rebuilding economies.

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