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Product Review on Remo MOV Repair Software
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Product Review on Remo MOV Repair Software

I usually take my drone out flying on weekends when I go surfing and never had any issues with the videos captured on it.This time however was different. I flew my DJI Phantom (drone camera) last week and shot some great videos. But when I tried playing them on my Mac, QuickTime was unable to play the file. I even tried a couple of other media players, but none of the videos play.

To fix this issue, I went through several forums online and started troubleshooting. I have explained here the process that I followed to troubleshoot and how I finally fixed my MOV file using Remo Repair MOV Software.

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How did I successfully troubleshoot and fix my MOV files

First off, as suggested by the drone experts I tried putting the SD card back in the drone, turned it ON for a couple of minutes and allowed it to be accessed.

This solution is known to work when the issue is caused due to powering off the drone before the video file got fully encoded and packed with data & saved.So, you can give this method a try if you think the issue was due to powering off the drone.But in my case this method didn’t work.

Next, upon reading other blogs, I assumed that my MOV file could have gotten corrupted due to some SD card error.So I went ahead and tried a couple of free MOV repair tools but no luck. I was sceptical about them as free tools never seem to work as they claim.

Then,I started searching for professional MOV repair tools. I didn’t want to risk losing the videos. This one tool, Remo Repair MOV caught my attention is as it offered a free preview of the repaired MOV file even before purchase. This would give me the advantage of accessing the quality of repair. So, I decided to give it a try. I must say, I am extremely happy, it repaired my MOV file quickly and definitely succeeded against my doubts.

Here ishow I performed MOV repair using Remo Repair MOV

Although the tool was designed for professionals, it was quite easy to use. First, I downloaded Remo Repair MOV on my computer and installed it. The installation was very straight forward, much like any other software.

When I launched the software, it took me to the main screen with 2 options called Corrupted File & Healthy File. First I clicked on ‘Corrupted File’; it suggested me to browse and select the corrupt file. I did that and then clicked on the next option,‘Healthy File’.

I wasn’t sure of what to select as healthy file; so I contacted tech support. They were quick in response and assisted me very well on what to provide as ‘Healthy File’. A healthy file is to be provided as a sampleto repair corrupted MOV file. Remo Repair advises users to select a healthy file that is of the same format and shot on the camera/camcorder as that of the corrupt file. Tim (support personnel) later explained that this is to avoid any inconsistencies in the codec used within the file and hence a video originally captured on the same camera is needed.

After uploading the healthy & corrupt files, I clicked on Repair. The software took a couple of minutes and then gave me a message ‘Your video was successfully repaired’. Next, it gave me an option to Preview the repaired file, so I clicked on the Preview button. I was pleasantly surprised that the software had actually done a good job of repairing my MOV video without any loss in quality.

What was impressive about the software?

  1. Free preview definitely impressed me
  2. New file created, so original was left alone
  3. Simplified user interface
  4. The ability to handle large size MOV files as well
  5. A very dependable 24*7 tech support team

Wrapping it up…

Remo Repair MOV is a great tool to repair corruption in MOV files. My MOV file was quite large, I think around 3GB or so, I was very impressed with the speed at which my file was fixed and repaired by the tool.

What I think could have been better is for the software to explain what a healthy file is (as a one-liner) in the main screen. This would have helped me avoid the call to tech support and made my repair process much smoother.

All in all, I highly recommend Remo Repair MOV for a smooth, quick & reliable way to repair MOV files.

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