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Reasons to choose battery security cameras for home security -The Guide
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Reasons to choose battery security cameras for home security -The Guide

Battery-powered security cameras are the most advanced form of security camera you can have these cameras when you follow some DIY installation processes. And also, are short on power or you want to install them at such location where no burglar could easily reach to and tons of reasons and explanation on Dk security, that you find, to opt for such security cameras.

Battery powered cameras can come in extremely handy during power outages. Find out more on being prepared for power outages at Survivor’s Fortress.

These security cameras are very reliable in terms of power and internet supply. As a beginner, you need to be very sensitive regarding security issues.
Before starting any further let us check some facts first.

For the installation of CCTV cameras you need to have best bolts. Tension Control Bolts are the best bolts for CCTV camera installation.

Comparison of wired and battery-powered security camera


Wired security cameras are expensive compared to battery-powered wire-free security cameras, you need to buy various nuts, bolts, and BNC wires to install a wired security camera.

Not only this in wired security cameras you ought to buy DVR or NVR systems which are quite expensive. On the other hand, battery-powered security cameras are affordable.

You just need to order the camera or buy it conventionally from a shop, the package of battery-powered security camera has got each and everything you may need while installing the camera.

DIY installation

Battery-powered [security cameras] only need mounting brackets and some nuts or a screwdriver for installation. While in wired security cameras you need to call an electrician for helping you. They are not easy to install.

Battery-powered security cameras do not need any kind of wires to support them wired security cameras require wires for both internet and power connection.

Installing security cameras will be able to act as a deterrent to burglars who are looking to engineer a break-in or a robbery. Security cameras can also help tell you how do burglars case a house. If you spot suspicious activity on the camera, you can immediately inform your local police station and hand over the security footage to them.

Advanced features

Battery-powered [security cameras] are equipped with advanced features such as two-way audio cloud storage and face recognition. Wired security cameras are normally not developed with very modern and advanced features.

No dependence on power

They work on the unlimited power supply, as long as your batteries are charged your security camera will serve as a reliable security camera.

No matter if your area is effecting by a thunderstorm and you are unable to supply electricity to your security camera. Wired security cameras area bit risky when it comes to the power supply.

Easy uninstalling

If you are living on rent and you are likely to change your place after every few months, then you must not opt for any wired security camera system which is not only difficult to install but they also need a whole new process for uninstalling.
On the other hand, if you opt for a wireless security camera then you must get a battery-powered security camera.

What features you must check while opting for a battery-powered security camera?

Battery life

No one likes to buy an annoying security camera, you ought to have a device that will assist you in your surveillance systems. Thus, make sure that you are not landing on a product where you are changing the batteries every two days.

Your security cameras must have strong batteries which will last for more than 2 months or at least two weeks, this is quite important.

Lastly, they ought to update you about the battery percentage. Sometimes you are likely to forget about the percentage of the batteries which can be very risky. So make sure that the camera has got these features.

Night vision

Without night vision there is no concept of surveillance. at night your [security cameras] are the sole spies. Even if you are awake in dark you will be unable to see what is happening. Only a well-equipped security camera can help you in this matter.

Your security camera needs to be able to see as far as 30 ft. Otherwise, it would not be of any use, especially, if you are buying it for outdoor surveillance then it must be more than 40 ft.

Motion detection

What will you do if your camera keeps on recording each motion but does not notify you about the movement? It will be a useless thing, right?

Thus, while you are buying a battery-powered security camera make sure that it is having advanced motion detectors such as PIR sensors. Otherwise, your camera will not be of any use.


Your camera has to be capable of storing for more than a month. You may get two options regarding storage, you can either get local storage or you will have cloud storage.

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