Progress in CBD Technology

CBD is the new name on the block which describes cannabis products in the marketplace. Many products come from marijuana, including gummy bears, facial masks, hair gels, oils, and sparkling water, among others. However, the main question is why this commodity has so much demand that governments are willing to legalize it after so many years of opposing the product.

Most people do not want to draw parallels with normal nicotine when it comes to marijuana. However, research has shown that CBD has many health benefits than initially thought. While that is the case, according to medical studies, it is worth taking a more detailed look. Here we will focus on how technology has played a role in the proliferation of marijuana.

CBD technology

Oil and water

Technology has enabled companies to develop CBD products which are soluble in water. These water-based products have features that are normally referred to as salient because they have higher potency compared to the others. Therefore, these products are cheaper, which increases their demand compared to traditional CBD oil.

Most vendors are now considering adding the products mentioned above to reduce the cost of production and replace the much-considered products based on oil. For instance, if you consume an oil-based product, only 4% will get to your bloodstream. Therefore, companies in the cannabis industry want to maximize bioavailability. The main point here is to maximize the content that will get into the bloodstream.

Scientific research

It is well known that CBD products interact with the endocannabinoid system. It is made up of a system full of complicated body systems that affect human mental and physical components. Some of the ways that CBD affects the human body system includes memory, pain, mood, and many more.

CBD is a natural multi-purpose solution that stimulates the endocannabinoid system through the application of cannabis extracts.

Health and wellness

The health and wellness industry is worth about $4.2 trillion. However, to break into this industry, it will take you more than an intelligent marketing strategy. Health and wellness products should have more than just medical weight to support their medical benefits.

Therefore, CBD has many researchers and doctors who root for its benefits, making marketing its products almost a waste of money. The researchers and doctors have already shown the world the benefits of CDB, thus enhancing its credibility.

For instance, when it was discovered that CBD could help suppress the effects of epilepsy, it was highly publicized, thus cementing its reputation as a beneficial product to the human body.

Improved Rosin presses

When manufacturing CBD, carbon dioxide is used during the extraction process. The extraction process uses a machine called Rosin press. The Rosin press is a machine that heats and cools the marijuana compound at a very high rate.

A normal Rosin press has a pressure of about 1000 pounds. However, CBD manufacturers are burning the midnight oil trying to come up with advanced Rosin presses, which can apply more force and thus increase the rate at which they manufacture CBD.

Technologically enhanced cannabis cultivation

Cultivating cannabis is an expensive venture. First of all, the plants require specific lighting so that they can be of the best quality. Cannabis growers in warm regions have an advantage because they do not have to spend more.

On the other hand, growers in cold regions must include indoor lighting, which makes it expensive. Cannabis farmers in cold regions have started using led lights to lower the cost of cultivating the plant. Led lights do not consume a lot of electricity, and they are also much lighter than traditional bulbs. They also have a broader light spectrum that helps cannabis plants without increasing heat, which can damage the plants.

To sum it up

Technology is changing the CBD industry not only through advanced cultivation methods but also advancing the CBD industry. The manufacturing processes are improving because of technology. It is also worth pointing out that the way CBD products are sold has also changed a lot due to technology.