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5 Great Productivity Tools to Help You Work Faster

5 Great Productivity Tools to Help You Work Faster

Productivity Tools

Working from home comes with all kinds of benefits: creating your own schedule, working at your own pace, all without the watchful eye of a manager or other supervisor.

While this type of independence is something many in the workforce dream of, it also comes with a few obstacles that must be overcome in order to be successful. And thanks to modern technology, it’s never been easier to do so!

There are hundreds if not thousands of productivity tool options out there to try, but we’ve narrowed it down to just five in this article to help you in your search.

If this sounds like something you need in your life, keep reading to learn more!

#1. Toggl

We’ve all been there before. You get to the end of the day, you realize it’s time to start winding down for bed, and you think, “where did the day go?” It can be incredibly frustrating to feel like you wasted time, especially when you know that time could have gone toward something productive.

Well, with Toggl, you’ll know exactly what you did at each minute of every day! All you have to do is open the app, click the Toggl button, and the timer starts. Tell Toggl which project or task you’re working on as you do them and you’ll have a summary of how long each task took to do at the end of the day.

#2. StayFocused

StayFocused is a free extension for Google Chrome that enables you to set boundaries for yourself in regards to which websites you visit when and how much time you spend there.

It was created to help limit the amount of time you spend wasting time on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, but you can use it to temporarily block yourself from any site or page on the web.

#3. Hemingway

Hemingway is a writer’s best friend. It can be used both as an online tool and a desktop app and does an in-depth analysis of your grammar and sentence structure as you type.

This is also great for those trying to improve their blog’s SEO, as it gives the grade level of your writing, as well as highlights any sentences and phrases that could be simplified to give the reader a more pleasant experience.

#4. Evernote

An immensely popular productivity app, Evernote is a catch-all for notes, both audio and text, photos, reminders, attachments, even web articles. It will hold everything you want to save for later reference in one place, enabling you to access your collection from any of your devices.

#5. Beeminder

Beeminder is a dream come true with those with analytical mindsets. It is a motivational tool that allows you to visualize your goals and progress in a quantifiable form. While you can create something similar in programs like Excel, this app does all the heavy lifting for you.

If you’re still interested in trying the Excel format, however, take a look at this site for tips for taking your Excel skills to the next level.

Use These Productivity Tool Ideas to Keep Yourself on Track

By utilizing a productivity tool or two on this list, you’ll be more on task and efficient than ever before. If you’re still having trouble staying productive after using these tools, it’s important to take a serious look at your lifestyle.

Are you sleeping an adequate amount? Is there something going on in your life causing stress? Is the environment in which you’re trying to work distracting or chaotic?

Focusing on the root of the problem and adjusting your routine to resolve it will only make these productivity tools more useful to you.

Looking for more tips on producing your best work? Check out our blog!

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