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3 Mac Tips and Tricks for People Switching From Windows

3 Mac Tips and Tricks for People Switching From Windows

Tricks for People Switching From Windows

Switching from Windows to a Mac computer? Read on to find three Mac tips and tricks that will make the transition much easier.

It’s been quite some time since Apple launched its popular Mac vs. PC commercials. You probably remember those, which starred Justin Long and John Hodgman, that seemed to indicate that Macs were the cool, hip choice between the two.

Today, the Mac computer has totally taken over the market. People continue to switch from the PC to the Apple model each year, and you might even count yourself amongst this grouping.

If you’re making the swap for the first time, there might be a number of mac tips and tricks you need to get familiar with. These can all help to make the transition a whole lot easier on you.

#1. Connect to iCloud

One of the big advantages that Macs have over the world of PCs is the built-in cloud system. Even if this is your first Mac computer, you might be familiar with iCloud if you have any other Apple devices in your home.

iCloud is simply a cloud server that works automatically to upload your most important files and information to a separate back-up server. This server can then be accessed by you on any Apple device, including your cell phone.

This convenience is hard to beat when it comes to accessibility. You can easily open photos from your computer on your phone, television, or another computer somewhere else. It also provides a layer of safety and security for your files.

If anything were to happen to your computer, you can rest easy knowing your files are safe on the cloud.

#2. Enable the Right Click

If you’re coming from the world of the PC, you might be shocked initially to realize there is no right-click feature on your new Mac computer. However, don’t fret: there is, you just need to turn it on.

Turning on right-click is as easy as heading into Security Preferences, hitting mouse, and selecting enable secondary click.

If you’re trying to do it for your laptop’s trackpad, it’s the same process but you’ll hit trackpad instead of mouse inside the preferences tab.

Once done, you should be able to double click or tap with two fingers to get the familiar right-click window to pop up.

#3. Manage Security

A lot of the push for Macs over PCs is that Macs are believed to be safer and more secure. This might be true, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for your Mac to get a virus. It’s still possible.

You’ll want to ensure that you have Mac virus protection installed on your computer. Protection can ensure the worst types of hacks and bugs don’t get into your system.

You can also head into System Preferences and ensure that you control where software is allowed to be downloaded from.

Mac Tips and Tricks for New Users

If you’re just switching over from Windows to Apple products, welcome. The above mac tips and tricks can help you transition more smoothly to your new device.

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