Pancake Swap Portfolio Tracker: Know What’s Cooking with One Tap

Pancake Swap Portfolio Tracker

Pancake Swap has been cooking up some sweet rewards over the past year, and experienced traders and beginners alike have been reaping the benefits.

But new exchanges are not the only ones that have been busy over the past twelve months. Developers have been busy too, as they scramble to keep up with the demand for new technology in the defi space. Dexfolio is proud to be among the creators of next-generation tracking technology that will make life easier for portfolio holders. Here is the Dexfolio tracker:

Sweet Treats are best Tracked Hot

No one wants to eat a cold pancake. Likewise, Pancake Swap’s rewards are best enjoyed hot.

That’s where the new generation of portfolio trackers comes in handy. With the incredible growth of defi over the past two years and the explosion of Pancake Swap’s popularity has come the need for better tools for portfolio tracking.

Many portfolio holders have found portfolio management somewhat cumbersome with the current offering of tracking tools, and inexperienced and seasoned traders alike have seen the need for intuitive solutions to the problems inherent in many of the current portfolio trackers.

And with Pancake Swap’s popularity, that’s a lot of people seeking a better user experience.

Leading the way on the Binance Smart Chain

As the most popular exchange on the Binance Smart Chain and one of the biggest defi exchanges in the world, Pancake Swap packs a punch when it comes to the numbers.

At the end of its first year of operation, it has a total value of $25.6B with an average daily volume of $825M. It boasts 4.47M unique traders, and had a NFT Market Trading Volume of $56.6M.

With numbers such as these, it’s fair to say that millions of users have found it to be a fun, safe decentralized exchange with lots of helpful resources and exciting features.

Traders of CAKE and other BSC tokens are finding that with the new generation of portfolio trackers, they are able to enjoy their sweet rewards quickly and with accurate information, enabling them to make better trading decisions.

Given Pancake Swap’s popularity, it made sense for Dexfolio to focus on support for the exchange in the first version of its app. Users will not have to go through a complicated onboarding process to quickly and easily access their data for Pancake Swap and the Bianance Smart Chain.

Track your BSC tokens or other DEX tokens hot from the oven

Enormous demand in the early days of defi put huge pressure on the Ethereum network and the Binance Smart Chain was a lifeline to the struggling space. Network congestion, lags, and high gas fees meant many users were considering its viability.

But as BSC arrived to provide much-needed relief, developers saw the need for technology that would embrace defi on its own terms rather than being adapted from apps intended for other purposes.

Tracking DEX tokens is now a much more user-friendly experience, thanks to the next generation of tracking apps. In Dexfolio’s case, the focus has been on user experience, with the aim to create an intuitive, industry-leading UX/UI to ensure a smooth, enjoyable user experience while retaining the necessary functionality and features.

It is easy to customize settings, make in-app transactions, check total holdings on each coin, or monitor other details. Users will appreciate the smart dashboard, designed with minimal step-to-action in mind.

The Days of the Weekly Newsletter are Long Gone

Once upon a time, newsletters were the most up-to-date information on crypto activities. A lot can happen in a week, so traders were often left in vulnerable positions or missed opportunities because of the communication delay.

Now, that information is in users’ pockets and can be accessed with a couple of taps. News updates are instant, and traders can respond quickly to opportunities as they occur in real time.

With apps that are designed specifically for the fast-paced defi space, users are getting reliable, accurate market information as it occurs, putting more sweet rewards within reach than ever before. Delicious!

Track your portfolio with confidence

You can trust the portfolio data brought to you by the Dexfolio app because its Smart Aggregator gathers information directly from its supported exchanges. Its token prices are the most accurate on the market, making it easy to monitor token movements and make investment decisions quickly.

Gone are the days of picking your way through the crypto spam in your inbox to find something worthwhile. There’s no more need to make sense of complex charts or suffer the frustration of missing an opportunity.

A quick check of the handy Dexfolio app will save you time, with all your important information available in one or two taps. You can check the total value of your portfolio, track an individual token, connect a wallet, and never miss an opportunity.

New features planned for the future

As with any worthwhile tracking app, Dexfolio has plans for the future. Community consultation is very important in this process, so Dexfolio’s plans will adapt with community needs as the defi industry grows.

An app for people

People first. That’s how Dexfolio sees it. And when it comes to Pancake Swap, with its fun interface, attractive graphics, and popular tokens, the user experience is even more important. Pancake Swap users want a good experience. They are not serious Wall Street – style traders who only want to see the figures. There must be some fun in it for them.

But it isn’t fun if it doesn’t work or is difficult to use. Which is why Dexfolio has answered the call to bring an app to the table that puts people first. Sweet.

Written by Ben Sash

Ben Sash is the founder and CEO of Dexfolio, the company behind the industry-leading cryptocurrency tracking application.

Ben has led the development and design of digital products for over six years in his various roles with prominent e-commerce brands.

With his experience in leadership, product design, and agile development, Ben has built an unstoppable team and compiled the vision for Dexfolio to shape the industry and become a leader in its sector.

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