SEO plan – The one and only goal of every online business is to sell more. Depending on the nature of an online business, they try hard to widen their customers’ network in a specific geographical region, in a country or across the globe. The gold standard to get more customers on a website is SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

We are not going to discuss SEO here, as we are confident that you already know what SEO refers to. What we are going to dive into, is the necessity of having a proper and ongoing SEO plan for the sake of your business success.

SEO benefits

The main goal of SEO is to draw more traffic to a website. To do so, SEO consultants use best practices and guidelines to firstly rank high on SERPs in general and on Google search result page in particular. Nowadays, users trust more on web pages that are ranking high on Google, as they trust Google and its algorithms. Therefore, by ranking high on Google, website’s CTR and Session Duration will rise and consequently more conversion will happen on the website.

It goes without saying that as long as the internet exists and the number of people who use it are on a rising trend, SEO is the gold standard for online businesses to represent their brands, products and services to internet users across the globe.

Can an online business survive without a proper SEO plan?

Some business owners believe that as long as they provide quality content, perfect products and good customer service, they are good to go! This is not true, as the mentioned elements are necessary but not sufficient for a business to be seen by internet users. More importantly, as the digital market progresses, the tactics and tricks that are used to improve websites’ ranking on Google become more complicated.

Hence, our short answer to the question asked above is No, they cannot survive without SEO in the future due to several reasons. We will go through them in detail below.

1- Market Trends

Digital market trends are subject to change promptly. For instance, text-based SEO strategies are not working anymore, as users are not interested in reading long informative texts about products. One of the main benefits that professional SEO agencies bring to your business is to be on top of the market trends. Hence, by using a dynamic SEO plan, your online business will always be on top of the market. Moving in parallel with market trends plays a crucial role in your business success.

2- Search Engines Advancement

Search engines constantly improve their functionality by applying new technology and also artificial intelligence. For instance, voice search will soon be available for all internet users. Once these technological advancements become functional, SEO standards and techniques will be changed accordingly. Without a dynamic SEO plan in place, businesses will soon vanish from the market, as users will not be able to reach them through search engines.

3- Trustworthy and Credibility

You, as an online user will not buy a product from an unknown website with a poor and unprofessional appearance and user interface. This is just about credit. There are an endless number of online businesses and still more to come that are trying to sell products to internet users across the globe. One of the very important factors that internet users highly consider when purchasing online, is how trustable the website is. People tend to trust websites which are ranking high on Google as they trust Google and its algorithms. Such a fact implies the importance of ranking high on Google and consequently the importance of SEO. Therefore, without a proper SEO plan in place for your online business, no credit will be built, so no traffic and conversion on your website is expected.

4- Competition gets tighter

As the popularity of the digital market increases, the number of market participants increases, so the competition gets tighter. SEO helps businesses to overcome their competition and have the higher hand in the market. It is expected that the digital market will experience more growth over the next ten years, and so will the number of online businesses who are trying hard to get a bigger piece of the cake. As a consequence, without a professional SEO plan, your business will most likely not be able to survive in such a competitive market.


If you are planning to start your online business, make sure to have a professional SEO plan in place. Like mentioned above, you will face strong competitors who are currently operating in the market that you are planning to enter in. Therefore, you must be working with an experienced SEO agency in Dubai in order to put a professional SEO plan together that works for your business perfectly.

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