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How to pass the North Carolina permit test with DoNotPay

How to pass the North Carolina permit test with DoNotPay

If you’re a North Carolina resident excited to hit the road but have yet to obtain a driver’s license, we understand your worries. Passing the permit test is not easy. What makes it even more difficult is a lack of practice permit tests. No matter if you have already failed once (or a couple of times), or you’re a complete newbie, the practice would help you succeed.

People take practice tests to build some confidence before they take an official test. You can learn the whole North Carolina Drivers Handbook by heart and still not know what exactly awaits you. If you go through a couple of mock tests, you should get familiar with the type of test as well as the format of questions.

Some people have trouble coherently formulating their answers even if they could apply the rule in practice with no problems. To those people, learning that the test features multiple-choice questions is excellent news.

How to find a good practice permit test for North Carolina?

As you have likely figured out yourself, North Carolina practice written tests are hard to find on the Internet. Most of the websites that offer them don’t give them away for free. Even if you buy one of those, they might end up being incomplete and obsolete. You can spend your money on them, only to learn later on that the tests are outdated or not even NC-related. It would be terrible to learn that while taking the official test.

You may also be able to find a couple of free practice tests online. But they are bound to be wrong. These free tests usually contain only a handful of questions. Trying to dig out relevant and real questions one by one is a mission impossible.

You’ll get frustrated if you try. This experience will only add to your feeling that passing the NC permit test on your first try is close to impossible.

What are the pass rates in NC?

Some drivers have probably already scared you into believing this. Even the statistics say that as much as 60% of first attempts at taking the test end up in failure. The second time around, however, most people pass.

Those people probably don’t get any smarter in between two takes. The trick is only in preparation and confidence. When a person goes to a DMV office for a second try, they know what kind of questions to expect and how to answer them. They also learn how much time they have and get a sense of how much of it they can afford to spend on a single answer.

That’s why some people opt to roleplay the entire scenario, setting the time limit for doing the practice test, and having a friend score them. If you and a bunch of friends are taking the test together, you may even try to practice together or question each other until all of you are ready. This all is only possible if you have legit practice tests at hand.

There are 37 questions on the NC written test. Out of those, 12 questions are about road signs and 25 about road rules. You may miss three questions in the former and five in the latter category. Altogether, you have to get at least 78% of the questions right. Apart from this test, obtaining a driver’s license will require you to pass a standard vision test and the skills test.

The NC learner’s permit test is a bit different. There are a total of 25 questions, and teens need to answer 20 of them correctly. Teens can apply for a permit at the age of 15 in North Carolina. The learner’s permit will only allow them to drive while supervised by an older driver.

How to practice for the NC permit test for free with DoNotPay?

The DoNotPay app solves the problem of a lack of tests for you. The app offers complete practice tests entirely free of charge. They represent a collection of the questions which have appeared on the North Carolina written tests over the years. There’s no need to spend money on online fraudsters. DoNotPay’s practice permit tests are all you need to get ready for your big day. Inspect them thoroughly, and you’ll beat the gloomy stats.

That’s not all that this handy app offers. DoNotPay was created in 2015 by a young entrepreneur who wanted to provide free legal help to the general public. This robot lawyer first started contesting parking tickets for its users.

It was incredibly successful at that, and in time, it got many more useful features to help people solve their legal issues. You can easily access the app on your iPhone. If you’re old-school, you can also open it in any web browser.

If you’d like to learn more about DoNotPay and how it can help you pass your NC permit test, go to the official website.

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