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Using Niche Search Engines to Find What You are Looking For?

Using Niche Search Engines to Find What You are Looking For

The giant search engines serve a purpose of returning vast quantities of information.  They also come at the price of your personal information and usage data.

Niche search engines serve a different purpose.  Generally, they have a better quality of privacy protection and they help to narrow down exactly what type of information you are searching for.

List of the Top Niche Search Engines


It allows you to ask a specific question and return a well-curated answer to that question without sifting through dozens of pages of results.

It caters to the adult industry.  The site, located at, also allows you to choose how much personal information you are willing to share rather than collecting it arbitrarily.


It is a search engine that puts privacy above all.  DuckDuck Go is one of the only search engines available that does not even log your IP address so the search engine does not know how many users it has.  It cannot reveal information it does not have.  This makes DuckDuckGo a good choice for those who want the advantages of more traditional results, without sacrificing privacy.


It is designed to search forums and message boards.  This allows users to quickly access conversations on the web related to their particular interest.


It deems itself a ‘safe search’ engine.  The protection of users’ privacy is key to their success. returns results based on various sources including larger search engines while hiding the request query that returned the result.  The user gets the advantage of comprehensive results while protecting their personal information.


It is a search engine dedicated to indexing and providing links to blogs.  It has out-performed Google in returning more and better results about various blog queries.  For users looking to access the millions of blogs about tens of millions of topics, is the search engine to use.

The Advantages to Niche Search Engines

There are many times and various reasons that readers don’t always want the most popular search returns.  Niche search engines have indexed more obscure sites and make them easier to access.

This is a great alternative for those who do not want the world’s most popular gardening blog.  It makes it possible to find an obscure blog written in a style you relate to that may only have fifty-seven followers.

Most humans cannot comprehend the true size of the internet. When using one of the search engine giants, their algorithms have an inherent bias to popular information.

This bias means you get hundreds of results that are less specific, but more popular, for your query.  The algorithms for niche engines are more focused on returning exact results that are specific to your query.  Hence, the quality and specificity of the information improve when using the more specialized search engines.


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