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How NFT Gaming is Building New Wealth Opportunities

How NFT Gaming is Building New Wealth Opportunities

The number of gamers around the world is growing. This has created a market for NFTs to flourish. Moreover, with Blockchain technology in the gaming industry, the mountain of opportunities and benefits in the sphere of gaming has increased.

Today, gaming has not only been limited to only spending your time and investing your money. You can now actually monetize your wind in the form of NFTs.

Although NFTs are a new thing in the industry, it has certainly built a strong base among gamers. With more and more gamers turning to this new concept, opportunities to earn money from the games have increased.

NFTs In The Gaming Industry

When we are talking about NFTs in the gaming industry, we are also talking about the endless possibilities it brings to the table. NFTs are rarest in all the digital tokens in the game. Every in-game asset can be converted to NFTs and sold to earn real cash.

In-game NFTs might include the following.

  •    Game characters.
  •    In-game items.
  •    Maps.
  •    Skins.
  •    Card collections.
  •    Emotes.

– everything that can be found in games.

When you are playing normal games, these items are just items. But the importance of these in-game items changes with the NFTs and Blockcahuin in it. Every gaming item becomes an asset with real value.

Nowadays, people are willing to pay real money to get their hands on their favorite characters and skins. If that is the case, think about the possibility of trading resources. These not only open the opportunity to increase the in-game item value but can also be used as an investment.

Ways To Earn Money With NFT Gaming?

Here are some of the experts called ways in which you can earn money through selling NFT in gaming. There is a possibility that you will earn them in Cryptocurrency.

So, where are you going to save your earned digital currency? You can get a wallet from a third party, or download it for free from an open-source like Pirate Bay.

1. Play-To-Earn

There are over 800 video games based on Blockchain, allowing you to earn rewards in cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

The hype around this game started during the pandemic when Axie Infinity was launched. This game launched its governance token on the public exchange. This fuelled the rise of demand, and the game’s revenue jumped by a staggering 12,047%.

Yes, this game allows you to earn real Cryptocurrencies. But the problem with this game is that you first have to invest. The investment is on the higher side. So, most players find it difficult to play this game.

However, the developers of the game were able to see the downside of it. This is why they come with the strategy called rent-to-play.

2. Rent-To-Earn

Rent-To-Play games are exactly what you think. If you have just started with Blockchain-based games and don’t have enough investment to play. You can always rent the game items from the guild.

Guild helps the newcomers with the equipment to win games and complete missions. In return, they charge a certain percentage of rewards.

3. Invest In NFT Games

If you don’t want to play games or invest in the NFT games, you can simply invest in the games or guide directly. Just like investors invest in ICOs.

Before an organization token is listed on a public exchange, a pre-sale is held on the launch pad. This is when the normal public can invest in the NFTs and tokens at pre-sale value.

It is super competitive. Competitive to the point that you might not receive any allocation at all. Once the tokens are publicly available, you can invest in them by purchasing from the exchange platform.

Are NFT Games Profitable?

Yes, NFT gaming is profitable. The new gaming sphere with the NFTs has increased the opportunity for gamers to monetize their games and earn money. The money-earning process relies on the ability of gamers. As long as the gamers win the matches, they make money.

With the Blockchain in the gaming industry, gamers enjoy the vast opportunity to get rewards in the shape of game items and tokens. These rewards can be put up on the NFT marketplace and sold for real money.

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