Modern Intranet Streamlines

Streamlining company internal communications can have big time benefits. This is especially critical in today’s new remote work environments. Companies are realizing just how important it is to have internal engagement and communication systems. From in-house teams to remote developers and engineers, communication can impact overall growth and success.

How can companies improve communications to achieve greater success? Enter the Intranet. The Intranet is certainly nothing new. It is, however, an impactful tool that can improve a number of workflows. Intranet can also improve company culture, increasing employee retention and attracting top candidates in your industry. Click here to learn more.

If you are ready to connect and align your workforce, the intranet can help. The following reasons modern intranet streamlines company communications can be your guide to growth and success, all starting from within. Let’s take a closer look.

#1. Prioritize Internal Communication With Modern Intranet

One of the top reasons for integrating intranet into your company is enhancing internal communication. Any manager or executive can tell you just how essential internal communication is. Employees, teams, and departments that have access to each other will become more efficient and productive.

“When done right, employee communications can instill and maintain constant awareness and understanding of the organization’s purpose and brand promise across the workforce, and ensure that every employee knows what their role is in achieving the company’s priorities,” Mark Attard explained in a Forbes article.

Intranet makes internal communication a priority. You can utilize the modern intranet to connect teams, regardless where they are in the world. Intranet gives all employees the ability to share feedback, serve up important updates, empower leaderships, and much more.

#2. Synergize The Entire Company

Connecting employees, teams, and departments can be challenging, especially in situations when employees are working remote or are located far from HQ. Intranet can synergize the entire company, becoming the central hub for communication and engagement.

Most companies have several communication platforms in place. This is great, but not efficient. Your company may be using Slack, Zoom, Skype, or even text messaging via company owned mobile devices. This makes employees and teams switch constantly to ask questions, get answers, find important updates, and more.

Instead of having all these platforms, you can simply integrate intranet. The modern intranet allows for all communication to happen in a central core platform. This decreases the need for any other forms of communication.

#3. Decrease The Use Of Emails

Emails are definitely not going away. Unfortunately, emails can be time-consuming within a company, because employees use them like messaging platforms. For instance, if a new hire needs to find a document, they may email their manager. Then the manager will need to find the document by emailing the HR manager. And the snowball email effect continues.

According to Harvard Business Review, “People then get mired down in their backlog, which leads to even more email and meeting requests from frustrated co-workers trying to follow up.”

The intranet eliminates this snowball of emails from happening. How? By having documents and updates accessible on a single platform. So instead of a new hire starting the email snowball effect, he or she simply accesses the document easily via the company’s intranet.

#4. Maximize Company Culture Within Your Organization

Company culture is no longer a buzzword. If an organization fails to have a great company culture with communication and engagement at the core, they may find it very difficult to hire top talent and retain them.

And employees are the backbone of your company. The modern intranet can make company culture a thing, improving the employee lifecycle. Essentially, the intranet is for the employees, since it enhances communication and engagement across all teams and departments.

Now you can increase growth and success with a strong company culture. “A strong culture can bring benefits such as enhanced trust and cooperation, fewer disagreements and more-efficient decision-making,” emplained a article on company culture.

What can be shared via the intranet within your company to enhance culture? You can access leadership articles from executives, employees can develop a peer-to-peer award system, teams can access training, and the overall brand mission and vision can be reinforced.

Wrapping Up . . .

The above four reasons modern intranet streamlines company communications are a few of the most important benefits. However, the modern intranet can improve nearly every type of workflow. This is because intranet is a company initiative started from within, giving everyone ownership

Is your company in need of better internal communication and engagement? Are you using multiple platforms to discuss important business? The intranet may be the solution.